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Hello Monday!

Hello beautiful beautifuls!

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At first glance, the mix of texture, plaid, Greek key, fur and floral caught my eye.

The floral pillows were made from a World Market shower curtain! 

( . . . have been inspired by a lot of W. M. flavor out in blog land of late.)

I encourage you to visit Brittany York on her Instagram page. She is a breath of fresh air!    ( . . . and has already changed her pillows to reflect a transition into Fall.)

She was featured in Delta Style Magazine for taking her art to her community’s pediatric clinic. (Which reminds me of another story that I may or may not have told you.)

Doesn’t every Monday morning need an image of a lop eared bunny and a fur ball pooch lounging on a chaise in a pretty cute place?


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A Wednesday well spent!



Fall always makes me think of Laura.  How her words lift and love. I have been returning to my favorite classic writers for comfort, courage and inspiration.

Words that encourage me to . . .

Focus on appreciating what I already have.

To approach fashioning myself, and our little house on 34 with a sense of responsible spending.

I have almost entirely adapted to “the capsule wardrobe” theory.  As I plan for the holiday season,  I will expand this theory to our home as well.

I love the wardrobe concept . . . Most days getting dressed is a “no brainer”.  I wear my favorites and always feel good.

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So this shoe . . . smitten with it the moment I saw it!  Pinned it . . . went back to it several times. The one in the photo was not in my budget.

. . . but I thought about the look.

. . . with my bulky black sweater and my classic blue jeans . . . just like the pair in the picture.

. . . to add some jazz to my classic black work pants.

( Very PacNWest Fall Classic to me. )

I didn’t give up.

killer shoes 2.png
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I found similar . . . both strapped and classic mid heel at Zara.


39.90 . . . I “kid” you not!  


Happy Fall 2016 to my feet and yours!  Wishing you all the simple and beautiful pleasures of this amazing season ahead!

w / L

{ I will be off visiting and collecting inspiration from you for the rest of September. I plan to launch my “Spread The Muse” series in October.}

French Bread on Friday . . .

A few thoughts before my recent French obsession . . .

cozy up.jpg
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It is comforting to be in the company of so many who have had the courage to step outside of their comfort zone. 

First writing, styling and self-caring for an unknown world to view. Then that day . . . the day the first dear heart popped in to say something back . . . With one little comment, a friendship was born.    . . . and so many birthing days since then.

Blogging has been a lovely gateway to growth by sharing.  One post can set the perfect tone for the day. Here is the place our “sense of beautiful” can “obliterate” worldly cares. We  heal . . . and we GROW.

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When this quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe tumblr’d to me, I immediately thought of our beautiful friend Anita Pelayo Rivera, who gives the gifts of “a little music”, “a little poetry” and “a fine picture”.

:: Samantha Cheng ::

I am feeling and looking healthier. When I say “looking” . . .  my skin is firmer and brighter than it was three months ago.

odacite 1
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About two years ago, I began to make a transition to a “more pure” approach to skin care. For my face, neck and décolleté,  I had been using one familiar department store brand for almost 40 years. It’s a great brand, but filled with ingredients and preservatives that are impossible to pronounce. My body care was from a well-known bath and body shop located in most American malls. Last summer,  my legs were covered with eczema. I was to the point I was self-conscious wearing crop pants. My body image was at an all time low. For five years I kept my skin disease at bay with a prescribed steroid cream. Knowing the risks of steroid use, ( even topical ),  I used it sparingly.  Since I was using it so sparingly, it held the problem at bay, but it was always there.

Through blogging and social media, I discovered dry brushing before shower and bath, and a mixing coconut oil w/ raw sugar for an amazing body scrub.

I found First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair.  A life changer . . . for me.

Body care . . . check!   

Odacite 2
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Last spring with an online purchase from The Detox Market, I was sampled with two tiny vials of natural blended oils.  The label reminded me of the periodic table of elements that was displayed in my high school chemistry class . . .

. . . with an enchantingly chic twist.


hmmmm . . .Google . . . O d a c i t é . . .

Valerie . . .

She had my full attention when I read her mission statement.  ( Most of you know I had a rendezvous with breast cancer 7 years ago. )


“Born and raised in Paris, living in Los Angeles, it all started after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Cancer was a major wake up call, I realized that if I wanted to heal I needed to change everything. I quit my job, went back to school to become a health and wellness coach and embarked in the fascinating journey of removing toxins from my life.”

“When it came to skin care, I was not ready to sacrifice performance. I wanted it all: efficacy + purity. Not finding, I started blending custom-made skincare, for private clients and myself. Word spread fast, demand grew quickly and so was born Odacité – French play on Audacity- marrying the best of two worlds luxurious French skincare & green California living. I hope you will give us a try!”

Oh YES . . . my lovelies . . .


. . . another French girl comes to America connection!   

Over the past three months, as my skin care “ran out”,  I have replaced it with Odacité.


I purchase directly from the site.  There is almost always a special offer. They are wonderful at including samples. Discovery kits are available at a reasonable price, along with on-line  assistance with a licensed esthetician.  I am so pleased with the results from Valerie’s products.

My journey into natural skin care has inspired me to style my own little French apothecary shelf.  [. . . will share soon.] There has never been a better time to learn about self-care, and to create your personal “all natural” spa at home.


w / L

[Dreams on 34th Street is a journal of muses,  personal experiences and images that inspire and enrich my life. I am not compensated for featuring the products on my blog today.]

J u s t ~ O n e ~ P i c . . .

This morning . . . the basket of whites went first.

My favorite whites. . . boosted by a bit of “Oxy Clean” . . . warmly tumbled . . . folded . . . wrapped . . . packed with Summer 2016’s lovely memories and freshest dried lavender from the back yard on 34.

Simple little rituals . . .

I’m ready to unfold the next season, the familiar and the new.

white pants

Summer whites


Waking to the drops of rain makes the transition all the easier.

w/ L

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The Gift of the Day!

Once it landed . . . it became a ritual.

It’s something that happens to me almost every day. ( It sort of goes along with the term “ordinary miracle”. )

The gift of the day!

I don’t seek it.

It “lights” on me.

Yesterday, I was madly cleaning house before the COUGS played. The PAC-12 network was delayed, so I had a little down time before the game. I popped a cool grapefruit shandy and checked my Instagram . . .sweetlaurelblog.

. . .clicked her IG.

. . .then clicked to her blog, “Sweet Laurel” where I landed on her love story.  I am not going to tell you anything more other than . . . visiting Laurel immediately resonated as my gift of the day.


Romeo & Juliet

Congratulations to Laurel and her handsome blue – eyed guy with the devilish grin!

We lost the game . . .

I  popped “Letters To Juliet” into the machine.

Just beam me to Verona now, please!

Wishing you a gifted day!

w / L

Funky Little Mix Match . . .

Write it from “off the top of  your head”!

Take it “tongue in cheek”!

By FAR the most popular board in my Pinterest collection is Funky Little Mix Match. On a whim, I created it about three years ago. In the past few months, it’s gone “Radio Active“.

[ “I’m cool” . . . “I’m hip” . . . ( to quote, may God rest his soul Gene Wilder from the 1976 remake of The Silver Streak). ]

He’s with his girl Gilda now!


. . .  and I could so see Gilda wearing this!   

Funky Little Mix Match 1



We worked for this “THREE DAY”!

Happy Labor Day!

w / L


⇔ Image re-blogged from Tumblr can possibly be traced from here.