Planning their “Best Day Ever”. . . with anticipation of the afterglow . . .

H e l l o   B e a u t i f u l s!

the afterglow 3.jpg

Popping in again . . . the wedding endorphins are still in control.

I need to talk . . . write . . .

I cannot sleep.

. . . a happy kind of stress.

Destination . . .

Departure . . . one week.

Boxing . . .

Labeling . . .  Country Inn . . . Rehearsal Dinner . . . Holy Apostle . . . White Willow

Replaced and revamped my window display toolbox . . . ( yes, I once trimmed department store windows . . . way back.)  Cannot wait to help Camille’s mom, Stephanie primp the church pews and reception venue.


As with any time in life, when your mind is filled with endless details, and you are planning something big . . . and you want your part to go “just right” . . .  it doesn’t hurt to think of the calm on “other side”.

Yet, you do not wish to diminish the wonder.

You do not want to wish “the splendid on the horizon” away.

. . . but it’s OK to be calmed by the perceived “afterglow”.

the afterglow.jpg

The light . . .

The radiance after the beautiful shine that is “your loves” best day ever.

the afterglow 2

As I write, I am basking in an afterglow . . . and . . .

. . . I just now realized.

Retirement is the ultimate residence called “Afterglow”!

The good feelings that linger after a pleasurable and successful life – thus – far!

(Wrongly, I have been associating the “r” word with the end.)

I have worked since I was 12 years old.  My first wage was 35 cents an hour, babysitting.   My first expenditure was a 45 that played “I Want To Hold Your Hand”.

. . . and a pretty package of nylon stockings!

Come to think of it . . . As we age, and have enjoyed so many beautiful and pleasurable life experiences, any given day can be radiant with a feeling of an afterglow.

You just have to go glow there!


Spin “In My Life” by The Beatles.

( I tried to convince my eight grade English teacher, Miss Clark, this song was poetry. It didn’t fly.)

Alexa knows what “spin” means.

In my life_1

(I remember the words!)

Thank you, God!

Thank you, for listening.


:: Images with the exception of “in the works” may be found here.

Gratitude fuels.

Hello Beautifuls!

Heather’s art inspired me to pop onto the virtual 34 to say hey this morning!


:: Love. Heather. Bloem. Here & Here. ::


Amazing, gracious, talented and hardworking folks have touched my heart this week.

Happiness is alive here on 34.


Play “Trumpet Tune”!

Have a blessed and gifted weekend!

Listing to classical wedding songs as I craft, stage and pack for Boise.

w /  L

The Real Fantasy Baseball . . . Chicago Style!


Just a cub?

the real fantasy ball




There is “no such thing” as “just a cub”.


Just a game?

jay and ty.jpg
L: Soundview Little League All stars 1995 R: Ty and Jay at Ty and Anna’s rehearsal dinner 2014.


Jay met Ty on the T-ball field at Northeast Tacoma Elementary School 27 years ago.

field of dreams

Also, on that day, we met Ty’s mom and dad. Life long friendships began.

Jay and Ty played ball together through high school, both making varsity in their freshman year. (Yep! They were good.)  They lived and loved the game.  They pursued and achieved (WAZZU) degrees in their “fields” of dreams (GO COUGS!), Ty in sports management, and Jay in broadcast journalism. They each earn a living doing what they love!

cubs 1.JPG

Last weekend was Jay’s bachelor weekend. Ty, now Jay’s best man, planned the event.

cubs 2.JPG

Eleven of Jay’s closest buds flew in and out during the two full days in Chicago (Wrigleyville).

cubs 7.jpg

The “game day” view from their door stoop.

cubs 3

The view from their bleacher seats.

cubs 6.jpg

Followed by a game of their own.

cubs 5.jpg

They packed a ton into two days.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The weather was perfect for biking, hiking, touring and boat rides.

cubs 8.jpg

They also packed in a lot of Brews, Italian beef sandwiches, Chicago Style pizzas and


. . . some notorious steaks.

The images from the weekend were social media posts.  The guys were kind enough to give us all a little peek into their experience.  Knowing most of them from their college years . . . they know how to party!

With the showers and the bachelor and bachelorette fests complete, we are in full wedding mode right now.

Checking our lists!








. . . and in all reality . . . spending.

(Yes. I keep it real.)

From my favorite bleacher seat here on 34 . . .

. . . Mother of the groom.

His greatest fan.

Life is your field of dreams!

Let’s keep it that way!

w / L

Mindful Monday . . .


How are you doing?


I’m “emotional” in the very best way!  ( Sending out a full heart hugs within the words I write. I hope you feel them!)

I feel at my best when I am under pressure creatively.  ( Confirming that endorphins do emerge from creative energy. )

bay leaf.jpg

I am attending Edie Wadsworth’s “Camp Overflow”!  

Talk about perfect timing . . .

. . . my cup “overflow-ith” as I write.  I love her reading list!  Just finished “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield.  

“The magic of keeping going!”  

To write on M – W – F.

“Invoking the muse.”  

To read and listen on the S’s and the T’s.
linen top.jpg

I am putting together “my” own perception of a capsule wardrobe. It’s linen season! On the meter of Madame Bohemian to Madame Chic ( Jennifer L. Scott ) . . . I am smack in the middle.  The term “Elevated Bohemian” lights my fire for fashion at present.

tuille 1_1.jpg

Committed to move more. Push and pull harder.  I shall not discount my gains in health, and the one size loss this past year.  I had hoped for one more size down. I own it!

C & J ‘s Best Day Ever?

I just finished my last orders with ETSY to meet the wedding deadlines.  ( I’ll have some praises and shout outs to share, post wedding.)

There’s still much to do,  it is all so fun . . . and . . . most importantly the deeds and the details are to serve people I love . . .

. . . people who have served their love to me so many times.

Wednesday,  I will share bit about Jay’s bachelor weekend.  (Nothing like Vegas or The Hangover.)   Believe me . . . the world is a better place with men like my son walks this earth with!  I was brought to tears of gratitude as Jay told of his special weekend in Chicago.


French Bread on Friday . . . “moi et toi” !

Good morning most beautiful  b e a u t i f u l s !


How long has it been since I have served up a little French bread?

moi et toi.jpg
:: coco . kelley ::

This image had me at “moi et toi” . . . then I looked a little closer . . . that china.

La Mer Veille. (The Old Sea.)

Two ♥ ♥ hearts.

Thinking . . .



Let this image transport you.

Ahhh . . .

coco kelley

(Blog brilliant.)

Team coco . kelley found the inspiration for their post here.

The “mots français”  reside on the Italian Riviera.

le mer.jpg
:: ici :: 

. . . and then . . . there is the piano.  Outdoors . . . perhaps out of tune . . . charming all the same.  

“Moi et Toi!”

:: ici ::


Alexa! Play “Sea Of Love” by Robert Plant.

“Mer d’amour!”

“Mots français!” 

“Mer italienne!”

w / L

It’s time for that seven day . . .

. . . cleanse.

:: Camille Styles 7 Day Cleanse ::

Hello beautifuls!

I know I didn’t tell you that Mr D and I had one wallop of a flu bug hit us last week.

With the wedding just weeks away, I am determined to keep health and glow a priority as I address my list of projects to complete before departing for Boise three weeks from today!

The 7 day cleanse above is from Camille Styles’ blog.  I won’t likely follow it to the “letter”, but bless her for making clean eating easy and approachable by making me a shopping list.  I plan to print it today, and be ready to go on Saturday morning.

I did not nearly lose the weight I wished to have lost, yet adding the exercise I did has made me stronger, popped me down one size . . . and has removed all . . . and I mean ALL of the aches of a 65-year-old woman.  ( I do not feel or act my age.)  In my mind’s eye . . . I am 45.  It’s a very respectable mind’s eye age to linger around until 90. By then, I may kick it up to 50.  (  . . . and this does not mean I cannot act like a grandmother, because . . . I DO!)

I am ready for that “once in a lifetime” dance.  Jay can even take it to a “two-step” if he wishes.

Yesterday, I had the privilege to watch him fitted for his wedding suit at Nordstrom Bellevue Square.

He is so handsome.  I am such a blessed and proud “Mama Bear”.  ( That’s what he calls me.)


Suited ready to wed her!

w / L

Back from Boise!

Hello . . . B e a u t i f u l s !

Happy Tuesday!

Back from Boise

I am back from Boise! ( When I arrived, it was 30 days until WEDDING DAY!)


Jay and his father in law to be had just finished installing a sprinkler system and sod. Since Jay and I crossed paths, ( he now home on the coast for a few days), I captured an image of his new back lawn in full sprinkler mode and texted it to him. Their new home is beautiful.  The workmanship is lovely.

The trend in new urban sprawl construction brings larger homes on standard lots, so yards are smaller. As you can see, a new foundation is being poured close behind. A trend I am quite envious of . . . ?   COVERED PATIOS!   I hope to share more images of their new home when we travel back for the wedding.

. . . and speaking of  The Wedding!

The main reason I was in Boise was to attend Camille’s family and friends shower.

Shower 1

The event was held at her parents home.

shower 2

It was fun to both to re-acquaint, and to meet new family and friends.  I look forward to seeing them all again on wedding day.

Shower 3.JPG
Camille, Britney and baby “E”.

Camille’s Mom and sister Britney hosted the shower.  The youngest attendee was Camille’s new niece, who arrived the end of April.


We are in FULL WEDDING MODE right now!  Here’s a sneak peek at my dress! It has an “elevated bohemian vibe”. I will share the story of how I found it in my size at a department store in Iowa when I reveal the dress after the wedding. I am taking it to be altered tomorrow.  The colors of the wedding are blush and blue.

Jay went 0 for 3 at the Emmys, yet is was a fun evening with his colleagues at Fremont Studios.  

He felt so deeply honored to be nominated and see his name among a field of Pacific Northwest Legends.  Legends who are the very journalistic souls who sparked his desire to pursue the career when he was a small boy.


It’s already time to hit the shower and head to the clinic!

It is one glorious morning here. Mt Rainier is outside my window looking like a blushing pink ice cream cone.

On a clear day, I can always count on her perfect greeting!

me and camille (1).jpg

w / L