Sprinkle . . . sprinkle . . . little star . . .

Helloooooo L o v e l i e s !

Here! Here!

I just had to share this swing on a star sweet here on 34!

Maple Cinnamon Stars – sally’s baking addiction – “Christmas Cookie Palooza”  Here!

My words are few as the season is in full swing and I am lovin’ every second of it!

I am adding this cookie to the mix this year!



You should see the couture sprinkle collection here!

Sprinkling you . . . withLove!

Just One Pic . . . First day.

Just saying . . .

I began my “just one pic” years ago on my first blog.

{Who knew that I may have had a leading edge on Instagram?}


First practice “foul” . . . coffee!

Yesterday my “practice pads” arrived from here!

I made a goal to practice 15 minutes every day once the pads arrived.


Alicia,  my instructor, recommended not drinking coffee prior to lettering practice. 

Note: A warm up Mimosa is not permitted on a work day.

Perhaps I should move my practice time to the end of the day . . . avec vin.

Hmmmm . . . practice tonight and compare?

First day . . .

. . . with coffee.

w / Love


My journey to “a local brilliance”, with a little nostalgia along the way. . .

Hellooooo   Bea. . . u . . . ti . . . fuls!

One of the things I LOVE about blogging is when you share shops, fairs, restaurants and the special places you go near where you live.  It allows me to travel and be inspired in my pj’s!

I hope to bring you to some of the places I love to visit for inspiration near 34th street in the Pacific Northwest of America with my “Local Brilliance” posts.

Last Saturday,  I took the “brush lettering” class I have been telling you about.

Paper Delights has two locations.  Wallingford in Seattle, and Seahurst, which is about 18 miles north of 34.

Mr D and I lived in this neighborhood for about two years after we returned from his time serving in the Army. (Back in the days of the draft.)  The community is small, quaint and provokes a sweet notion of nostalgia every time I return.

I drove by Lake Burien . . . where the retired art teacher, Mr. Simpson, who printed our wedding invitations once lived. ( I am quite sure he has passed.)  Where my favorite  and cherished (family practice) physician, Dr. G. lives, now into his late 80’s ( Gosh, counting . . . he may even be 90 by now.). He saved my little brother’s life, made house calls when we were sick as children, and brought Chrislyn and Jay into this world. One of my favorite memories is when he read a Vogue Magazine with me while I was in labor with Chrislyn. My hospital bed was filled with fashion magazines. ( I was buyer of fashion jewelry for Frederick & Nelson a division of Marshall Field & Co, carriage trade stores based in Seattle at that time.) His attentiveness was driven by his concern about the progress of my labor. I would eventually deliver her C-Section a day later.

I passed the shop, once an art gallery, where I painted graphics on the windows to earn original art for our home.

unique bridal boutique.jpg

I passed the jewelry designer who made earrings, interpreting the style of each one of Chrislyn’s bridesmaids. She also made Chrislyn’s headband out of antique lace and tiny semi precious stones and crystals.


I passed Pearls And Lace where she chose her wedding gown.

Good memories . . . the kind that rekindle my heart and soul.  Somehow, this community always calls me back.

Across from Pearls And Lace is a tiny little shopping center . . .

. . . which holds “Paper Delights”.

the Holiday.jpg

. . . you know that phrase from “the Holiday”?

. . . a meet cute? 


. . . uh huh . . . ya baby!

Behind the doorway framed with rolls of wrapping paper is a class room.


Yep!  Cute as a button!

Very Kate Spade-esque!

The class began at 10am.  I was first to arrive. Alicia greeted me and offered me a Mimosa, saying . . . ” Coffee isn’t the beverage for brush calligraphy, the secret is a choosing a beverage that will allow you to relax.”   Since I was driving . . . I had only one.  It’s no secret that I love Champagne!

The class gifted two hours of instruction relaxation.


I highly encourage trying this little practice of art for “self-care”.  It’s truly a form of meditation. The secret is “practice”.  I plan to share more about this lettering journey of mine in future posts, including the “tools of the trade”, the befores’ and after practice, and some sites to guide and encourage as I go.

I won’t likely be back on the blog before Thanksgiving . . .

I wish you all a day gifted in blessings. From what I have been seeing in Blogland of late, new babies, weddings, walks on the beach, beautifully styled tables and travels with cherished family and friends . . . we are all truly blessed!


Hello GRATITUDE . . . where I am today . . . gifted and renewed.

H e l l o   B e a u t i f u l s !


{ I can’t get enough of this image . . . if it’s yours, do tell! }

Next week!


T h a n k s g i v i n g . . .

(Chrislyn and Jason are hosting. Mr. D and I will be shopping for our contributions tonight. We are going to the Safeway on Proctor. Did you know if you spend a $100 at Safeway, you can choose a free turkey up to 25 pounds?)

. . . and a FOUR day weekend!

I am sooooo  jazzzzzzed about next week!


It’s Friday!  Cheers to a week “well done”!

{ . . . having little slice of favorite from my mood board as I write.}

Tomorrow I take my brush lettering class. If photographs are permitted, I will share my experience next week.

After lettering, I will head back to 34, or a sports bar to watch the “Cougs” play Colorado.  ( We have two “kick bottom” weekends of Cougar football ahead of us. )  Next week is The Apple Cup, a rival game that is most times revered higher than a post season bowl game.

At the same time I enrolled in the brush lettering class at Paper Delights in Seahurst, I found a course via Jeanne Oliver!


( I love Jeanne’s network.  Her classes are reasonably priced and perpetually renewing and rewarding. )


This. Course. Love.

:: House 214 Design :

Melinda’s course is much more than home décor. Her “Feel Home” philosophy has enlightened me. Her course confirmed I was trying to take 34 to a place it could never go, naturally.  Her philosophy has gifted me a renewed sense of composure and direction. The composure and direction gained from this course has also grounded me inside.  I don’t know how else to explain it . . . I am so much more content than I was.

It shall be lovely to greet this season of holidays renewed and composed.

To dearest Melinda . . . I have a simple, yet very special plan for your mother’s coffee cake on 34th Street.

To my readers/friends . . . Thank you for your encouraging words and perpetual inspiration.

I feel well blessed and warmly wrapped inside this month of gratitude awareness!


A Song For You . . .

I love you in a place where there’s no space or time

I love you for in my life you are a friend child of mine

And when my life is over remember when we were together

We were alone and I was singing this song for you . . .

~ Leon Russell, 1971


I blogged about last week this morning.


Have I cried after an election?



I highlighted and erased.


I had the sweetest weekend.  I got to play mom again. This time to three!  I laugh because I sometimes I view my role as  grandmother somewhere between Mom, Mary Poppins and Mrs. Doubtfire.

For this journey, I was as prepared as I could be. I made a secret “goodies inside” box for the kiddos and me. Inside was my own rendition of “Command Central”!  I assure you, all the precious blues were on the box, all weekend long.


We were without television for some of the time, so we had extra time for art. We made alphabet soup out of construction paper, we made masks without patterns that ended up looking like a buffalo and an owl.  We made kites. We made snowflakes. We turned my phone into a mini “drive in” movie  with the help of Lego and Matchbox. We built a city forts in the bonus room.

Our imaginations ran wild!


While they were sleeping, I caught up with a little reading.  ( I may have left Chip at least two times . . . LOL . . . God bless Jo Jo.)

. . . and the game!


That’s right!

We’re number one!

Go Cougs!

Will miss you Leon.  But will never forget your beautiful lyrics. ( Please forgive me for taking them a slightly “Guns N’ Roses” for this post.)

Roses???!!!  Keep the fight Cougars!


What Election?

Keeping it my best “real” . . . and it will be just fine!

Blessed to be me!

We’re / Lone now and
I’m singing this song to you.

Hello November !



Helloooooooooooooo beautifuls!

I don’t know about you . . . but November 1st is a deep breath day for me.

I have set a few goals with my plans for this month.  ( This is not the year to drift off course.)

Ooops . . . just a sec . . . the alarm went off on the washer . . . got to get the clothes into the dryer.

I’m back . . . Let’s go.


1. Return my name to top attendance at Curves. ( I fell of the bandwagon in October.)

I know the image above has appeared here before. I needed it for another reminder of where I wish to be this time next year. (Lynne! You are not going to achieve this level of “chic” unless you get your “bottom” to the gym 24 times a month!)


2.Complete this simple 30 day organizational challenge from A Bowl Full OF Lemons.

kiddos 2.jpg

3. Feed my “grandma” and “mom” self.

Watch over all three “Grands” for a weekend. ( Jason and Chrislyn’s first get a way since Cam arrived.)  Cameron, just weaned is “Momma’s girl“.  I am over the moon excited about this time with the kiddos . . . but I wouldn’t be fibbing if I said I could use a little luck and a prayer at bedtime.

Send a little Thanksgiving surprise package to Jay and Camille.


4. Feed my “artful” self.  I enrolled in a brush stroke lettering class. ( This skill will be fun to apply as we plan and prepare for Jay and Camille’s wedding next Summer.)

5. Spend some much needed time with friends who I haven’t seen for awhile.

6. Paint the hall bath “white”!

7. Put on winter white wooly socks . . . paint on a masque . . . make a “hot toddy” and watch “The Holiday” ( Checkin’ this one twice. . . with “The Bisop’s Wife”!)

8. Take a photo of my funky “Autumn”chandelier and share it here.

9. Embrace GRATITUDE every day . . . celebrate T H A N K S G I V I N G !

10. Address our Christmas cards to be mailed the first day of December. ( That accomplishment in itself will be a feat . . . I have been bad at card giving since the nest emptied and facebook.)  I am going to confess . . . I will be addressing cards I purchased last year.

Close my eyes.


( Yes, I organized and purged shoes this morning, you bowl full of lemons , day one! )

E X H A L E  and dig into living November!

w / L

Local Brilliance . . . Secret Suppers

Hello Beautifuls!

First of all, thank you for all of your Blogiversary wishes!

I said I would be back on the first Friday of November . . . but the spontaneous in me has me popping back onto 34 to share a little local brilliance with you this morn.

I added a new category on my sidebar called “Secret Suppers”.

There is nothing but beauty to share on the two websites I feature today.  I encourage you to brew fresh cup or pour glass of your best red or favorite white and linger for awhile with Christiann and Eva.

When you think of a fruit from the Pacific Northwest, you likely think “apple”.  With that said, I must share a recipe from “Adventures In Cooking” with you.

:: Eva’s Carmel Apple Upside Down Cake ::

While you sip . . . I encourage you to view Eva’s “about me” video.  In times like we are living in now, destinations like this deliver serenity to me.  She seeks and shares connection with food.


I’m not a big fiction reader.  I adore biographies, cookbooks, poetry, fashion and interior design. By far my largest collection of books resides in my kitchen.  Eva’s video brings my affinity for collecting cookbooks full circle.  They bring me clarity and calm.

I am going to place her new book on my Christmas List. She shared her recipe for Blood Orange Roast Chicken when she launched her book October 4th.




“The best food doesn’t come from the best cooks. The best food comes from the best people . . . people who love to eat.” – Eva Kosmas Flores

Now . . . Christiann.

Ebb & Flow . . .


A secret supper can be staged anywhere . . .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My gosh . . . with a bit of planning and artful innovation . . . you need not an oven or a stove.  Could my cookware be tired of hanging around in the kitchen?   Would it be too cliché for me to whisper moveable feast?

:: Christiann Koepke – Gallery of Secret Suppers ::

This muse has me yearning to turn it upside down in the kitchen this weekend!

Planning to put on Pandora,  plaid flannel, denim and sweater socks!

Oh . . . and Go Cougs and Hawks!