Just one heart beat away . . .

Just one heart beat away . . .



( I don’t necessarily like the words buried and ignored.   They seem sad and “not so nice”. )

. . . a situation.

. . . a circumstance.

I have “stepped” and “lifted”  myself away from here a bit to establish a new and much needed discipline.

I am loving the wonder, comfort and hope that comes with a stronger heartbeat!

. . . the “beat . . . beat” needed to continue to sweep me into amazing moments of forever family and friendship connections.

( So blessed to have met you in the real, Mary! )

Have a wonderful week, lovelies!


“Hello Boise !”

Those of you who know me well . . . know that our son Jay is a sportscaster. He’s the Sports Director at KTVB, Boise Idaho’s number one television station.  Recently Jason,  Chrislyn and the kiddos spent some vacation time in Boise. They arrived in just time for dinner, baths, to jammie up and to catch the evening news.

Boise 1.jpg

Holland was both surprised and excited when she saw her uncle on TV.

boise 4

The following morning, they visited Jay and fellow journalist B.J. Rains at their live week day morning radio show, The Press Box where . . .

Hello Boise !


. . . Holland got to go “on the air” to say “Hello Boise!”


boise 3

The kids quietly watched and listened to the two hour broadcast.

Boise 5

After the broadcast they visited the famous Boise State University Broncos “Smurf Turf”.

Boise 6

The COUGS are playing the BRONCOS pre – season this year.  ( All three adults above are Washington State University grads!)  People are already asking Jay what colors he will be wearing on game day.

Boise 8

The next day they hiked up to Table Rock . . .


. . .  to fly above “The City of Trees”!

This may sound strange . . . but . . .it’s comforting to watch my family, “be family” when I am not “in the picture”.  Jay was over the moon during his visit with his sister and her family.

( I know he misses his family.)

I embrace how Boise has become home to Jay. He loves his work . Through sports and sporting a better cause, he has a deep connection to his community.  It’s where he met the love of his life! By this time next year, he and Camille will be married and in their brand new home.

( . . . and my family and my heart will be all the bigger!)

Soar babies, soar!

It’s a beautiful view from the nest on 34!

w / L

( All images via my kids on FB )

Dreams and ramblings . . .”Spread the muse!”

Sitting here this morning reflecting on some of my greatest passions.

. . . also thinking about the future.

Only 18 months away from retirement . . . I will be finishing my traditional work life in the field of healthcare.  I am having a difficult time wrapping my head around the idea of “retirement”.   I won’t mince words . . . It makes me think  . . . “I’m old” . . . “the end” . . . “it’s over”.

You all know I am a positive person . . . but . . . even the most positive person can think thoughts like this . . . once in a while.

emily lillian

Believing . . .positive “quotes” come from positive people who make an effort to wipe negativity from their minds and share. Their words, written down, go viral and transform into “memes” for the healing. In the land of blog, they also become stylish wooden signs and inspire the prettiest “scrolly and loopy” calligraphy.  Oh, the whim of it all!

chez meme
:: French store front from my board “Shop Around The Corner” ::

I had the most amazing career before I began what would be a more important role in my life . . . motherhood. When the kiddos started their school years, I knew my extensive travel would interfere with our quality of life.  I was able to find employment , and a place for artistic expression within the framework of our community’s school system and freelance for a designer watch company and jewelry line in the stores on evenings and weekends. I watched a few children before and after school.

kendra scott hot
Kendra Scott . . . Hot!  

I would love to be a merchant again. I would like to try my hand at design. Start tiny . . . and see how it grows goes. Perhaps I should look at retirement as just “leaving healthcare”, in that position of stability to get the kids through the college years. Healthcare is far from the stable place it once was. Recent reforms and “Acts” have caused the loss of jobs due to outsourcing and automation. I am lucky have survived so far.

Like a seasonal buying plan, I can begin to work on a plan for 18 months from now.

Writing it down and sharing helps . . .

  1. Soak it in!
  2. Weave the talent, dreams and goals of yourself and others between your words here on 34!
  3. Spread the muse! (Something new . . . start next week.)
  4. Get inspired inside this biggest think tank ever!
  5. Grab the obvious brass ring . . . Embrace your writers and creators on their daily and dearly style by the love of living journey.
  6.  The PROSE , the PHOTOGRAPHY, the STORIES, the CREATIONS are right here . . . in the very front of  you . . .  a feast on the move! 



To my blog friends who are not yet on Instagram . . . please dive in. You will find that you are able to better communicate and link back and forth to your favorite blogs. It’s like an extra layer of icing on a well crafted cake.

. . . and speaking of Instagram . . . here’s a goodie!

Check out @the_shopkeepers for unending . . . shop ’til you drop free “eye candy”!

come this far


Thanks for listening to me today!

You are the best!

w / L

French bread on Friday ! Simple et Doux!

corner collage 1.jpg

We are officially mid-Summer!  ( I know everyone is talking Fall.)  In some places, school has already begun. We don’t start until after labor day here in the Pacific Northwest.

Today is going to be glorious and HOT!  I call a morning like this, “a California morning”.

On this morning, I captured a few images of a wall in our kitchen and made a photo collage. Yes, those are Chrislyn and Jay’s kindergarten hand prints. They have had their place in my kitchen since they were carried home in a backpack.  I have moved them here and there. They presently look very cute hanging from black and creamy white stripe ribbons held up with my favorite burnished brass tacks on the cork board.

Mr D and I share the pegs below . . .( his BBQ tools on the right ) . . . our perfect little his and hers not necessarily contrived vignette.

Do you follow the site Food52?

error message

The other day, at lunch, I was clicking . . .

Searching . . .

I landed on an “error message” that gifted me  . . . this!  

French bread . . . parfait!


Since it hadn’t a name . . . I  named it!

food 52 chocolate on fb

:: FboF  – Simple et Doux ::

Slice a baguette.

Lay a piece of cho-co-lat on top.

Place in a 350 degree oven ( or on the grill )  until it melts.

Sprinkle with olive oil and sea salt!

Bon appétit!

. . . & speaking of bon appétit!


. . . a mid – Summer gem, herself!

She was born August 15, 1912 and passed to her kitchen above on August 13, 2004.

Mmmmmm . . . Julia . . . family . . . friends of 34.


Simple et Doux!

. . . with cho-co-lat et almonds.

. . . with cho-co-lat et berries et fruit.

oh!   Salted caramel!

The possibilities are endless!

chrislyn and the girls
Our beautiful girls, last weekend.  Holland, a bit under the weather, made it up the aisle.  She is a trooper with the biggest heart.

May your mid-Summer weekend be filled with endless “simple and sweet” possibilities!

w / L





Hello August!


birthday picnic
Last Sunday in the park, with C, C & Mr D.


Hello, Lovelies!

Have you ever read?

The first month . . . you feel the difference.

The second month . . . you see the difference.

The third month . . . others begin to see the difference.

My goal for the month of July was accomplished. I established a workout routine without excuses. I set aside 45 minutes . . . five days a week for a round trip journey to Curves and back.

I feel the difference.

(So ready to see the difference!)


Lily Souter
:: ici ::


August brings goal #2: A closer focus on what I put into my body each day.  Lily’s site inspires.  She had me at her logo.


:: Breakfast on the run x 4 ::


Also . . .

. . . yesterday,  Curves began the “Strong Women Challenge”.  It’s 10 weeks long.

I’m doing it!

( I am beyond happy to find a diversion from this current election cycle. UGHHH! )

There are three categories.

  1. Transformed
  2.  Inspirational
  3.  Healthy


Perhaps this is just what I needed to get me back into the rhythm of blogging again.

Wishing  you a month of new blessings!

w / L

Souvenir {The Best From Blogspot}

Souvenir {The Best From Blogspot}

First, a little review.

As most of you know, I retreated Google for WordPress about six months ago.  When my posts would not publish for days I became discouraged.  I wish I could explain why there were technical difficulties. Google never responded.

Discouraged and robbed of some joy and momentum, I almost gave up blogging.

After a month  I decided to check in on the WordPress blog I had started before I moved to the more friendly Google Blogspot format. I dabbled . . . re-gained my confidence. . . and made the move.  The transition has been a slow work in progress.

In my down time, my focus shifted to a personal movement, with a goal of improving my health and simplifying  34.

Some of you have inquired about the moving of my blog posts from blogspot to my newest home of expression. I thought long and hard about it.

  1. If I took the time to figure out how to “do it myself” . . . it would impact my moving and toning . . . and the progress of cleaning and simplifying my life.
  2. I could pay someone to bring it forward . . . however . . .I would rather save the money for some needed home improvements.

I deliberated about a throw back Thursday concept . . .

No . . . no . . .  That’s a Facebook thing.

Then . . . in my ” there must be a little French nuance bread in my life state of mind ” . . . the word appeared.

souvenir (n.) 1775, “a remembrance or memory,” from French souvenir (12c.), from Old French noun use of . . . 

 . . . a commemoration . . .  a recollection . . . a keepsake . . .

Hmmmm . . . C’est tout!

Without further adieu . . .

. . . Souvenir

. . .  The Best From Blogspot

w / L


:: December 10, 2010

:: Community ::

About 6 months ago my daughter called me. She was super excited…”Jason (her hubby), was taking her to a Lake Forest Park bookstore to meet The Pioneer Woman!” …

” Who is the Pioneer Woman?”…(sorry..PDub!)

“Mom…she has a blog, it’s amazing… I’m going to purchase her cookbook!”

                                              Chrislyn and PW at the bookstore.
After consuming some wonderful food (made by Chrislyn) from PW’s cookbook, and my daughter’s my enthusiasm, I just had to check out Ree’s website to see what all the hoopla was about!

I did… and through PW… I found Layla, Holly, Melissa, Emily, Jami… and this amazing…COMMUNITY!

Emily…My Mentor…Encourager!

I followed them for about few months…then at the end of October with some encouragement from Emily, I decided to take the plunge and start a blog of my own.

~*Dreams on 34th Street*~
I’m an early bird…up every morning before 5am…Mr Dreams leaves for work at 5:28. I throw a load of clothes in the washer and grab a cup of coffee. It’s time to check out what’s happening in my new community!
I see the “teeny” photo squares of  my 11 (now 12!) followers…all amazing…allinspirational…all fun…all very special to me!

Jami…My first follower!

A little click here and there…then I realize…it’s time to do a couple quick chores and get ready for work…but…

I have such new-found energy…because…
I’ve travelled around the world a few times and I’ve been over the moon…flying through amazing thoughts and creative processes!
Thank you, sweet community!
Have a safe {First Night} of 2011! I wish you all the best for our New Year!!!
{with love}
( that’s how I signed off in the beginning! )
  1. So sweet! Welcome to blogland!! It truly is a community!🙂



  2. You are so sweet, *L*! Thank you. Happy to be your first follower. Isn’t it the best feeling in the world (that first follower moment)? It’s such a great community of creativity & friendships and I’m happy you’re among it! I’ve added you to my blog roll too. Thanks for putting me in yours!

    Enjoy your “travels” in 2011,

( Gosh. I miss Jami.)
Have a beautiful mid-Summer weekend, Lovelies!