October 26, 2010

Six years!


Happy Blogiversary to me!

In 2016, I almost walked away.

It all began about a year ago when I was experiencing major technical issues with Google Blogger. I felt silenced.

I was sad.

I sent messages to Blogger. They never replied. I didn’t want to leave Blogger because of its friendly “blog roll” on the sidebar feature.

At the end of January, I moved from “Blogger” to “WordPress”.


With the change, and transition to the “new” place, I lost touch with a few of my great long-held blog friends.

My rhythm was gone.

I began thinking . . . Lynne! . . . get over it! . . .  just go with Instagram.

I slipped away for a while.  I visited everyone quietly . . . didn’t say much, or leave a footprint when I visited.



It was through my blog that I became introduced to a LOVING, CREATIVE, UNDERSTANDING and REASSURING community of hearts and souls.  When I say “reassuring” . . . I am referring to a found wealth of mostly women who make this fractured world a better and beautiful place.


We are friends . . . we know each other pretty well.

We are connected.


We are those birds of a feather who fly together.

My thoughts and feelings were affirmed in August when was able actually meet one of my long-held blog friends.

Thank you for reaching out Mary.

(My gosh she is lovely.)

I really do visualize meeting more of you when I retire and travel the USA one day.

Such amazing, talented, inspirational and supportive friends you are.



g i v e r s . . .

You have given much to me over the years.

banner summer 2015.jpg

34th street is a reflection of my  interpretations of much of your inspiration.

























There are walls and shelves in our home and the homes of my family that display your “artful self’s”.

styling me.jpg







I have styled myself through the dreams and works of you.



Thank you for all that you have given me and 34.

My goal is to be back and as present as I once was.  I will seek and rekindle with those who I have missed for the past ten months.

To those who worried, searched and found me at WordPress, I am touched by your sincere friendship.

To my new-found friends and followers via WordPress!   Welcome!


34 will always be my place to share what muses me with my family and my friends.

Beginning with a delivery of French bread!

Yes, I will be back . . . on the first Friday of November with a bite of French bread.

I’m thinking it will be chocolate.

Something sweet . . . something decadent . . . something that dreams are made of.

w / L


Sunday song of thought . . .

“Wear” I am in my mind . . .

[No this isn’t me.]


It’s “wear” I wish to be next year . . . at this time.  Slimmer . . . they fit much nicer now blue jeans . . . black silky tee . . . top coat and black slings.

Healthier, with home and self, styled simpler . . . ready to ease into retirement in the year to come.

34th street.png

34th street.  (Yes, I really do live on 34th street. Not THE 34th Street.) I am ashamed to say . . . I am sometimes negative about how it’s changed.   I will politely say it’s shabby, and concerning at times.

Then . . . there is always a beam of light within the fray . . .


The Saturday before last, while Mr D was with the guys on his annual Autumn get-a-way, I booked a pedicure for 9am.

I go to our little neighborhood spa.  It’s called “The 8th Day Spa”. Its anything everything but “the classic” spa  . . . not Nouveau chic . . . not Zen.

Part of its charm is a full service espresso bar and an over the top presentation of Seattle Seahawks regalia, (GO BLUE!) which always makes me smile. Much of the “regalia” is handmade . . . in support of women with small home-based businesses.

A friendly greeting and an offering of a “gratus” drink from the bar awaits upon arrival. In leu of a latte, this time I chose water.

“Lynne, would you like a drop of lemon essential oil?”

[A neighborly nice touch at its best!]


I arrived as the spa opened and watched as each attendant put on a freshly laundered, handmade, ruffled apron.

While they “donned” their aprons, it “donned on me” . . .

This place is centered for local entrepreneurs.

[The aprons are also for sale . . . in Seahawk colors . . . (no doubt)!]

I feel right – smack – in – the – middle  of a montage of American dreams when I am inside The 8th Day Spa.

The spa has a nice playlist.  While receiving my much appreciated spa service, I put away my phone,  listened to the music, and watched the friendly activity around me. Songs from past to present reached inside me, some made me emotional, most comforted me, and made me smile. Within the songs and the surroundings I was reminded me how blessed I am to have raised our family on 34th street.  It’s not a perfect place, but it’s home, and goodness always rises above the fray.

On Friday afternoon . . . in the final fifteen minutes of the workday . . . I grabbed my phone . . . navigated to Pandora and selected “Easy Listening”.  (The patients and the doc’s were gone.)    [ Enter Bublé . . . Sinatra . . . and Sheeran.]  We put the week behind us as we laughed and sang while we finished up. We laughed more and danced our way out the door into the weekend.


Yesterday. . .  (can you believe it?) . . . was Cameron’s first birthday party!

. . . another moment in time to close eyes and make a wish.


“There is never a wish better than this . . .”

” I’m 64 for a minute . . .”

[ 100 years]

I also realized I will never be retired . . . unemployed.

Occupation: Aspiring beam of light.


“Crazy . . .”

” I’m crazy, crazy for feeling so BLUE!”

Put on a pot roast, kick off my Sunday shoes and #GoHawks!


w / L

:: Most images found here.

Just One Pic . . .

On Monday, Jay and Camille had their engagement photo session.

Jay and Camille in the rain.jpg

Right in the middle of the session it began to rain. The photographer published this photograph on their website with the sweetest quote.

People think that rain can sometimes ruin weddings or engagement sessions but only if you let it! If you choose to just embrace it and have fun you will not only end up with beautiful and unique pictures but also make some memories in the process. After this, we did wait for the storm to pass but only after we took a walk in the rain.”          – CIMBALIK PHOTOGRAPHYdance-in-the-rain


Wednesday Wellness . . . put the lime in the coconut . . . and some random me.

:: ici ::

H e l l o   b e a u t i f u l s !

How are you?

I have had a pretty good week so far.

I visited my cardiologist for a “stress test” yesterday.  Dr B asked me if I have been walking or working out . . . as he bumped up the treadmill to get my heart rate up.

After two and a half months of the first phase of my lifestyle change, there is a clear indication that the inside of me is healthier. The most important muscle of my being is stronger.

. . . beat . . . BEAT.

(Every successful personal transformation begins on the inside . . . doesn’t it?)


I’m “well”on my way to that once in my lifetime dance next Summer!


Every year, about this time, Mr D and his “buds” go to Eastern Washington for their annual get a way. I plan to spend some time organizing, purging and painting here on 34,  and help my parents with a couple projects at their home.


I am also planning a little “me” time in the evenings.


I have a nickname*** for the practice of stocking my bathroom shelf with coconut oil, essential oils, sugar, salts, citrus and mini mixing bowls a couple of years ago.

Last week Valerie “coined her own version” . . . ici! . . . “skin cheffing”

When I read “skin cheffing” on Valerie’s blog,  I thought . . . Lynne, why haven’t you shared your whim on 34?

I began my home spa inspired by recipes found on Pinterest.

scrubblog1 (1).jpg
:: ici ::

Then I thought . . .

Why not make my own, affordable and fresh versions of very famous oils?


Mine may not have a fragrance that lingers as long as Jo’s, but mixed with sugar and smoothed on before a shower, or whipped with Epsom salts and melted into the bath is pure decadence. (+Plus . . . you cannot beat grocery store and farmers market prices.) #freshC

October nights are perfect for the mixing of one’s own practical magic . . .

:: ici ::

. . . and a movie.


w / L

Share the Muse! Express! Floret Flower Farm


Last year I missed the bulbs.

In mid winter I planted “Floret” postcards and seed packets on my funky chandelier.  I also planted her postcards in various – precarious places inside 34 and in my office at the clinic as a reminder not to forget!


I “stocked” Erin and her glorious Floret Flower Farm all Spring and Summer long.

On Wednesday . . .  I got the bulbs! 

Then came Thursday when I thought . . . Share the muse!

(Plant a little perpetual PNW magic love around the country!)

The bulbs are ready for selling and shipping . . . along with a giveaway until Sunday @ noon PST.

Enter here!


Since it’s Friday . . . I must take play it a little French before I go.

Bonne chance!

w / L

[ Je n’ai pas reçu une compensation pour le post d’aujourd’hui.]

Share the Muse! Style.Mind.Chic.Lifestyle

Good day, LOVELIES!

My goodness, it’s October already!  Last Saturday morning, I remerchandised and colorized my closet to reflect Fall.


:: Artemisia – Italy ::

I reopened the boot boxes and . . . was once again . . . swept away by the familiar smell and sense of leather and warm.

Welcome to my “Share The Muse!” series!  On the first Monday of the month, I will feature a special person of muse. In-between, there will be short two-sip “Share the Muse – Express” reads to inspire.  As always there will be the frolic and familiarities of 34th Street which you have grown accustomed to. ( Yes . . . more French bread on Friday is ahead.)  I am getting my blogging groove back, and have managed to make the time to move for health sake too! I know most of you know . . . I am less than two years away from retirement.  For this reason alone, I couldn’t have picked a more appropriate person for the launch.

. . .  for many reasons I chose Heather.

Many of you who visit 34 also know Heather Lindstrom. For those who haven’t met Heather, you will be glad you popped onto 34 today.

Heather recently retired from a career in the field of education where she shared her “guiding spirit” with children.  She counselled and guided children with a healing hope. May God bless you, Heather.

:: Lenger – France ::

Heather’s guiding spirit and passion for her husband Scott, her family, her friends  and her “wanderlist” has drawn me to “read her” for almost four years.

:: Era green clutch [ India via Italia ] ::
Her talent for guiding and marketing led me to a little boutique in the making, curated by “herself”.  My first shopping experience was Christmas time three years ago.  ( The past retail soul in me sensed it was to be the beginning of something bigger.)

:: Brazilian sliced amethyst via Singapore ::

Since retirement, Heather has turned her petite boutique into a world-class adventure. Her gift of a “guiding spirit” has now lifted her to a place where she has always dreamed to be. She spent the Summer in Italy curating, buying and bringing the world home to her growing business and her readers.

:: Let her guiding spirit lead you to “win” and “wander! ::

You may think that my post was planned to coincide with Heather’s giveaway . . .

It wasn’t.

(I had planned to begin “Share the Muse” on the first Monday in September. I postponed it for some mom and dad time with Jay and Camille in Boise. Be still my heart! )  It was the first time Mr D and I had flown somewhere together in over ten years.

( Are we not perfect candidates for a travel counselor?)

. . . after Camille and Jay’s  wedding next Summer . . . hmmmm . . . second Honeymoon . . . or perhaps the very fact we never had a first honeymoon?

It turns out . . . my launch is SERENDIPITOUSLY timed to visit Heather. You can win as you wander.  (Three days to go on her giveaway page.)

Congratulations, Heather!  I wish you and your gifted guiding spirit world-class success!


Share the muse!


[I write “Share the Muse”, not for compensation, but to inspire. It’s my way of paying forward the wealth of creative energy and friendships I have found since launching 34 five years ago.  Yes! It’s my blogiversary!]