j u s t o n e p i c . . .


:: moon canyon flowers ::

on the inside? . . . faith, family, friendships,  flowers,  and our fellowship.

on the outside? . . . will show and tell some of my favorite things on friday.

the transition continues. i still have a few more blogroll buddies to move from my old digs. i hope to finish tonight!

happy mid-week!

it’s now daylight when the clinic closes!

spring-shine here we come!

w/ L


  1. Lynne,
    Blogroll… my happy heart to see all those wonderful places to visit. My heart was also happy with your email in which you used “tu” instead of “vous”. Speaking of email, your comments once again show up in my email, not just as a comment on my blog. Another reason to be happy. My heart will be even happier the day your emails no longer say “no reply”.

    Your new site is looking great and getting better with every post. You are inspiring me to spiff up Botanic Bleu. I’ve been experimenting with a different font.

    Looking forward to what you will share on Friday. I just know it will be beautiful and fun.


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