f r i d a y n i g h t b i t e s . . .

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for me it’s  “français romantique ” when i see an American man take home a baguette.

this whole French bread thing of mine began when i was seventeen. i spied the “pièce de résistance” of French “take out” with my very own eyes when taking the train to and from Paris during a summer study program at The University of Paris at Nanterre.

in Seattle, if we wanted french bread, we would buy it via Gai’s bakery at the local supermarket.  never was it warm.  . . . and the baguette (wand) shape was “not an option”. my grandmother always had a loaf of Gai’s french bread on hand . . . mainly to take a dip in or mop up her signature sauce.

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   :: St. Honoré Boulangerie ::

( i know . . . crazy about the map! )

i am grateful that one no longer needs to live in a chic American neighborhood with an upscale boulangerie to have access to this fresh interpretation of French magic! my warm memory awaits for the taking . . . on the road home!


ironically, all of our favorite recipes are suitable for the Lenten season, so it’s a perfect time to share some of my “FBoF” grace notes. this is a new recipe for shrimp scampi toast from A Communal Table  where it is paired with a Chardonnay!

Rhee's bruchetta

there ‘s  Rhee’s bruchetta  and . . . 

cheesy artichoke bites

Christine’s . . . i call them . . . cheesy (i love artichokes and a movie) baguette bites.  

lastly,  Ina’s recipe for basic toast is perfect for dipping (a -maz -ing with hummus) and piling ( when we hit the i’m not cooking tonight,  market cheese and tapenade bar)

santé ! ! !

 fresh baguette!

 favorite blank canvas!

to FBoF!

to saturday morning, just one more bite, with pb&j or Nutella!

to the sunday sweet French “toast” to a new week ahead!

champane bike
:: ici ::

 a baguette . . . a bouquet . . . a bottle . . .

a simple prelude to a sweet and savory weekend symphony . . .

a standing “o”. . .


strike it, maestro!

w / L


  1. I pack my son’s lunch for school every morning, and he tends to want the same lunch everyday -a sandwich, a bag of chips, fruit salad, a treat, and a water bottle. One day I didn’t have sliced bread to make his sandwich, but I had a French baguette sitting on the counter. I used it to make his sandwich. Now he doesn’t want it any other way.
    Have a wonderful week Lynne, I think we will be seeing a little more sunshine this week!!

  2. How cute, a tall thin boy at the door with tall thin bread. LOL. I have been missing your posts. Got to put your blog nearer the top of my list. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Oh to sit and visit here in Seattle with you at your favorite boulangerie would be grand. In so many ways I feel the atmosphere of different states take on a charm and flavor in quaintness of a European architecture that makes it not hard to dream, and allow your thoughts to drift away to a time spent in France and all its romance and fresh scent of French bread 🙂

    I too often dream, and certain photos, places, people will allow me to think of days spent once a time. I love hearing why this attachment to French bread, and it’s deeper meaning to your site name and your dreaming it.

    Love the first picture as well, nothing is more sexy then a guy shopping for a brown bagged bread, a bottle of wine, a bundle of wild flowers even if they are for him, and him alone. It’s all in living life and noticing simple beauty.
    I have a friend who will buy French bread and cheese and sit an just make a meal of it, how enjoyable it is to have a friend like this. This is why I have been creating pottery for my site. It’s all about a French bread plate is it not ? 🙂

    Love your post, and that last foto is romantic.



  4. I always wondered where your love of French bread came from, Lynne. I LOVE that last pic. I’m gonna have to share it with the girls. : ) Yummy food – very nice for the lent season. I have a thing for artichokes.

    A happy weekend to you, Lynne.


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