f l o w e r s & o l d f u r n i s h i n g s . . .

h e y L o v e l i e s!

how are you?

the past two weekends we have been BUSSS – – – YYY!

Mr D and i hosted Holland and Ben while Chrislyn and Jason prepped and moved into their new home. they are now about thirty minutes northeast in a lovely new house much closer to Jason’s workplace.

this weekend, my goal is to begin spring cleaning. the list of “to do’s” starts with a purge for a monday morning thrift shop pick up. i will be refreshing a cool vintage dresser that has returned to 34 after the kid’s move.

B & W collage

the dresser belonged to my great-aunt Margaret. it screams mid-century chic!  i love this dresser. my favorite feature is the door on the left that swings open to reveal five small drawers suitable for keeping jewelry, hosiery, foundations and lingerie. i plan to give it a light sanding, use a medium tone wax on it, and line the drawers with pretty paper. it’s currently standing in the sewing room, with Margaret’s old suitcases piled on top.

:: Floret Flower Farm ::

my first seeds arrived from Floret Flower Farm!

my focal “annual” this year will be SWEET PEAS. i have chosen a variety of seven colors. the seeds will soak Saturday night. by early sunday afternoon, the window sills will be filled with starts.

Floret_How-To-Grow-Sweet-Peas-5-1152x525 (1)

i have Chinese forget – me – not’s, a variety of snapdragon seeds, and sunflower seeds on order from Floret to be received in time for another wave of “starting” next weekend.


Holland has asked to make “perfume”, so i have been studying hydrosols and herbal distillates.  the process looks quite scientific. i  hope for a sweet splashing or spritzing outcome. she starts kindergarten in the fall, perhaps we will pour a bottle of SWEET HOLLAND GRACE for her teacher.

i’m off to the clinic early this morning. we have “execs” visiting today.

have a wonderful weekend!

w / L


  1. Hello Pretty Lady! Thanks for your visit. I am definitely going to look up the First Aid product you are using for your eczema. I use these under-eye treatment and love it. I wonder what sort of ingredients it has. I hear you on wearing what we want to wear. I went from shorts to capris to skinny jeans, even in the summer.

    I love your new blog look! Very refreshing. Thanks for the info on the sweet peas. When can you put the seeds in the ground after they sprout in your area? We usually can’t plant anything until May.

    Thanks for your visit. I’m trying to get back in the game with visiting but there always seems to be something happening around here.

    Take care and thanks again for the tip!


  2. My name is bj and I blog at Sweet Nothings. I saw your comment at Blondie’s and wanted to come by to learn more of what you are using for your eczema….I have it, some of my grands have it and a son in law has it. We would all love to find something to help us.

  3. What beautiful images–oh those sweet peas! I love the idea of making perfume for that sweet Holland. Now that sounds like a wonderful project. I’ve wanted to do the same thing…just need to find the time. I’m off to update your link on my blogroll.
    Happy Sunday darling!

  4. Lynne, I never realized how pretty the Sweet Peas were. They are going to look so nice when they start to bloom. My thoughts are on the daisies lately; I may plant them in my garden. That dresser that belonged to your aunt is a treasure. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

    Have a delightful weekend.

    love, ~Sheri

  5. Lynne,
    What wonderful gardening plans you have! I can almost smell the sweet peas through the computer screen.

    I’m telling everyone far and near that I saw my first bluebonnets today on Interstate 30 between Arlington and Ft. Worth, Texas. My eyes were dancing and clapping their hands! Love bluebonnets.

    Have a great weekend and great week… until next Friday,


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