“r e s t e r s i m p l e” . . .

“keep it simple.”

i love that our phrase,”keep it simple” interprets to “rester”, en français !

do you ever have days when your multitasks seem to multiply like rabbits?

at the clinic . . .

. . . that was the week that was! 

fri yay
:: ici ::

today’s post is simple and guilt free. at the end, take five. close your eyes . . . breathe in breathe out . . . stop . . . and smell the bread!

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

with Jay and Camille’s wedding next year and general health issues . . .

it’s clear . . . that i must cut back on my guilty pleasure.

can i go without a bite of French bread on Friday?


baguette collage
:: ici ::

i know!  ( she could not resist a candle that claims it smells like a French baguette! )               . . . and fresh from America’s rust belt at that!

( it even smells buttered . . .)

. . . guilt free.

i will be burning the baguette at both ends as i prepare taxes this weekend!

happy FboF!

w / L



  1. Lynne~~~

    I can’t find your email address or profile!! I know you changed up your blog a bit, am I missing the obvious?

    I wanted to thank you for all the great advice on our trip to Whistler! I didn’t know you had a time share…wow! That’s fantastic!! Do you ski? I never have and with my klutzy ways I’m sure I would break something. Oh yeah, we know how to dress warm here in Chicago! Trouble is, I always overpack so I’m going to have to keep the bulky stuff at a minimum, lots of scarves for variety. We are staying at Delta Whistler Village Suite. I wanted to be right in the middle of things. Let me know if I chose a good place. Can’t wait. Can you recommend some good places for lunch and dinner. We are only there Monday to Tuesday and I say a little smugly, we like to splurge on vacations!

    In Vancouver we are staying at The Pinnacle. This was arranged by the organization Alan is associated with for his presentation. A blogger told me this was the perfect place for shopping and across from a harbor. I thought it would be great to return to after Whistler but Alan thinks it’s way too expensive so if you can recommend something in the heart of Vancouver for one night I’d appreciate that.

    Thanks again!

    Why don’t you take a drive up??!!! 🙂


  2. A candle that smells like buttered bread? Hello little bit of heaven. 🙂

    I started our taxes yesterday. We use Turbo Tax and have for years so it’s not so hard anymore. Good luck with yours.

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