w o r d p l a y . . . e n f r a n ç a i s !

when my kiddos were in elementary school, i taught English and reading to children who had immigrated from Southeast Asia.  i was called a “para” educator, as i do not have a four-year college degree. i designed board games, word games, and word art. my class was called wordplay with Mrs T.

in an effort to teach myself a little more “every day French”, i word play. occasionally, i wordplay en français with Holland Grace.


“it’s French, Holland Grace!”  

together we say,  “mir-pwah”!

pain au chocolat . . .

croissant . . .

together, we twirl . . . and laugh . . . and repeat mots français !

bon jour !

petite fille!

je taime!

. . . now  “mirepoix“,  a French word that sounds like a kiss!

d’accord!  nous allons google!

:: kitchen containers from “Everyday Occasions” ::

. . . Italian soffritto,  Spanish sofrito . . .  

amour . . .  amore . . .  amor!


i bring little French flourishes to 34 . . . because . . . it is becoming more real than ever that i will likely never set foot in France again.

i am OK with this. i have memories of a place twice visited, and all of you to keep the magic alive in my mind, my heart and in my home on 34.

i thrive on “rester simple” French! . . . like today’s . . . “what’s cooking?, word”.

so where did this latest friday follie begin?

. . . with a cookbook crush!

i follow a cute brilliant little blog called  “The Clever Carrot”!  the author is Emilie Raffa.

Emilie recently published her first book.

it begins with “mirepoix” and ends with “Vermouth”, with so much more “practical amazing” in-between.



i LOVE your book!

you had me at “mirepoix”, “compound butters” and “instead of white wine”!

the Vermouth is in the fridge!

to all who visit 34, have a wonderful weekend!  since i will be taking Good Friday off, i will also wish you the best of springtime and Easter blessings! i will be back on April Fools Friday! scouts honor!

w / L


  1. Lynne,
    Yes, I would also love to sit and play French word games with you while we eat something scrum-dil-e-ump-tious from Emilie’s new cookbook. Of course, we need French bread, also. I hope to visit France at least one more time with my sister. Fingers crossed it will happen…

    Have a wonderful Good Friday, and I will look for you on April Fool’s Day.


  2. Hi Lynne, I would love and sit and play your word game with you dear, you make being a gatherer of words so much fun!
    The cookbook looks interesting.

    See you and your beauty soon.
    Keep writing you have a way with words, as tasty as a good cookbook.


  3. I’ve been learning French recently, so I loved this post even more!! I’m going to have to check this cookbook out, it looks so charming!!

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