j u s t o n e p i c !

h e l l o L o v e l i e s!

spring 2016
Swallows and Damsons

when i saw this image at Tumblr, i  knew it had to be my March just one pic.

yesterday, Chrislyn and i were speaking about baby books and scrap-booking.  we spoke about how, blogs, facebook and Instagram have become our scrapbooks. as most moms before her, she was lamenting about how the first child’s baby book is the most complete. now, a mother of three, she manages to find time to tuck the pieces she wishes to save in a box and chronicle images on a disc. we laughed about how it’s not likely that one would “bronze” a pair of Nike’s for safe keeping.  the conversation reminded me of how i need to edit my hope chest filled with forty plus years of memories a la kodachrome.

speaking of memories . . . i love it when the facebook memories pop up. recollections of my parents in healthier times, tiny Holland and Ben . . . our cherished family and friends.  . . . sadly some have passed since the beginning of the online phenomenon. how sweet it is to see their faces to greet the day once again.

if i was to have been a Victorian woman, the image above by Anna Potter would have undoubtedly been “mucilaged” into my scrapbook to welcome Springtime.  in 2016, a much less messy cut and paste!  . . . and best of all . . . there is no clean up needed, before i head off to my day at the clinic!

may this season be your most blessed to date!

w/ L




  1. You are so wise, Lynne. Your sentiments express exactly the change we’ve experienced over the years. There is so much inspiration and beauty on blogs, websites, social media–if we look for it. And yes, certainly less cutting and pasting (and a much larger audience!).
    I just caught your order–darling LYNNE!! I love a cross body bag and this one seems just perfect. The color on the organizer on a string is so fresh and spring like! Thank you for your purchases and your continued support of StyleMindChic Boutique over the years.
    You are a doll!
    Happy Weekend!
    xx, Heather

  2. Oh Lynne,
    I have been busy here and a late start to greeting spring a years of memories. Love this post taking us down similar feelings of memory lane. Your less wordy discription of all your gathered memories fill a book of beautiful read. I had to laugh coming from the era that bronzed baby shoes were commonly spotted on the dressers of our grandparents, with intrigue I always said as a young girl I am going to do that to my child’s shoes….Nope! Never happened, I fact I think those bronzing companies were nowhere to be found, and cute shoes now piled up in a container lidded to later go through and question why did I keep those pink patten leather doc Martins? Lol

    In any case again, I have to ask why have you not written a book?
    Your writing draws me in and keeps me there.

    Happy Spring, beautiful borrowed photo of inspiration.
    See you soon dear.

    Thank you for the beautiful feedback,
    I am off to be creative today.


  3. Hope you had a lovely Easter, L. Have been meaning to stop by for a while now. I see you on instagram, but there is no place like blogland for me. Working on starting a new page soon.
    Gorgeous image, and oh my goodness, so much has changed with technology since my babies were babies.
    Happy spring!

  4. Lynne, I love the Springtime music image. The flowers surrounding it makes it so Romantic!! Thanks for sharing,
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter!! Hugs, Jody

  5. Happy Spring, Lynne! I loved the picture, and I’ve always been intrigued with the Victorian era. Oh Yes, don’t we remember those fun scrapbooking times.

    Have a wonderful spring week, Lynne.

    love, ~Sheri

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