i a m q u i t e w e l l . . . b l e s s y o u f o r m i s s i n g m e . . .

paris sidewalk
:: Paris ::

h e l l o B e a u t i f u l s !

yes, i have been away from here.

bless you for inquiring.

i am popping in to tell you that i am quite well.

bakery nouveau
:: Bakery Nouveau – West Seattle ::

the first image of the sidewalk in front of a patisserie in Paris above, reminded me of a trip to Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle, far too long ago. when i opened the door, i touched Paris. it is due time for a return.  ( how about a date, Mr D.)  West Seattle is our old stomping grounds. i know he will be keen for a little nostalgia!


i have devoted the month of April to a “Spring cleanse”. doesn’t the word “cleanse” sound so much better than “cleaning”?  when i say cleanse, i am referring to interior and exterior of 34 and me.

i applied a few “Lessons from Madame Chic”!

lessons from madame chic

Jennifer’s book is both très simple and mindful. i will likely reference a few of my lessons learned when i return to blogging in May.

spark joy

. . . for “the purge”,  i applied the “kondo” i purchased last year!

une maison japonaise ordonnée!

if it doesn’t “spark joy”, it’s outta here!

oh! . . . and before i go . . . a must share  . . . avec Madamoiselle Mentelle . . .

“at age 23, Tina Fey was working at a YMCA.

at age 23, Oprah was fired from her first reporting job. 

at age 24, Stephen King was working as a janitor and living in a trailer. 

at age 27, Vincent Van Gogh failed as a missionary and decided to go to art school.  

at age 28, J.K. Rowling was a suicidal single parent living on welfare.

at age 28, Wayne Coyne ( from The Flaming Lips) was a fry cook.

at age 30, Harrison Ford was a carpenter. 

at age 30, Martha Stewart was a stockbroker. 

at age 37, Ang Lee was a stay-at-home-dad working odd jobs.

Julia Child released her first cookbook at age 39, and got her own cooking show at age 51.

Vera Wang failed to make the Olympic figure skating team, didn’t get the Editor-in-Chief position at Vogue, and designed her first dress at age 40.

Stan Lee didn’t release his first big comic book until he was 40.

Alan Rickman gave up his graphic design career and landed his first movie role at age 42.

Samuel L. Jackson didn’t get his first major movie role until he was 46.

Morgan Freeman landed his first major movie role at age 52.

Kathryn Bigelow won the Academy Award for Best Director when she made The Hurt Locker at age 57.

Grandma Moses didn’t begin her painting career until age 76.

Louise Bourgeois didn’t become a famous artist until she was 78.

whatever your dream is, it is not too late to achieve it. you aren’t a failure because you haven’t found fame and fortune by the age of  “–” .  he–, it’s okay if you don’t even know what your dream is yet. even if you’re flipping burgers, waiting tables or answering phones today, you never know where you’ll end up tomorrow.

never tell yourself you’re too old to make it. 

never tell yourself you missed your chance. 

never tell yourself that you aren’t good enough. 

you can do it. whatever it is.”

b y e , b y e , B e a u t i f u l s !

to April . . . taxed and cleansed!

w / L


  1. This is an inspiring post showing us that it’s never too late for our dreams, Lynne. So glad you’re doing ok, and I have popped in once to say hello. Madame Chic sounds like a delightful read. Happy spring days, and isn’t it nice to cleanse?

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Lynne,
    Each post is a refresher in life for me. Cleanse…yes, I liked it better than cleaning until it became a description for a health regimen.

    Here I am, older than I want to say, pondering a BIG new adventure with some Texas blogger friends. We are just in the pre-planning discussion phase, but your list today helped silence some of my unspoken fears. For the first time in my life, I consider myself old. So, thanks once again for your inspiring list.


  3. Ahh, there you are. Instant smile. Great list, and I agree cleanse is a better word.
    Wow, Vera Wang, had no idea about the skating.
    What a perfect thought-provoking post. Note to self: Must keep dreaming, and must try to remember what that dream was. It was always HOME, and made so much sense 25 years ago as a new mom. Now what? 🙂
    Keep writing and sharing, L.
    bye-bye, Beautiful!

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