“Rester ~ Simple”

Last month . . .

April 1st brought a visit to the St. Francis ER to rule out a DVT.  (medical abreevo – lingo – acronym for deep vein thrombosis) I brought the swelling in my left leg to the attention of one of my doctors at our clinic at the end of the work day. She directed me to go to the ER on my way home from work. I went home first, so Mr D could drive.

The good news is that the DVT was ruled out.  Per Monsieur Doppler Device . . . “Lynne, your veins are not pretty inside where you cannot see.”  

The reality check? This girl is at a desk all day! She cannot be sedentary more than eight plus hours any longer. 

Yes, sitting for long periods of time, improperly aligned can kill!  Actually, there has been a lot of press about this very subject lately.

No worries . . .

There are solutions . . . and there are SIMPLE, yet conscious methods to prevent further damage.

Start somewhere

My blogging had to be sidelined, while I went into motion. The young and handsome, ( I felt like I was at Seattle Grace),  ER doc told me to try to get up from my desk at least once an hour to move. He also told to me consider a rocking foot rest for under my desk.

I listened . . . laps around the clinic . . . and, via Amazon . . . the rocking foot rest was at work under my feet within two days.

It’s working.

Last week,  following my post ER be sure to follow up with your doctor instructions, I visited my new PCP.  She added ten lean on your desk top push ups to my hourly repertoire, stating that I must get the upper body into the equation.

I listened.

It’s working.

It all makes perfect sense . . . “Lessons from Madame Chic“. . . Chapter Three . . .   Exercise is a part of life . . . Create daily challenges.

( Drawing a French connection into this lifestyle change makes it fun and playful for me.)


No gym is required.

Live it into your day !

I’m in! (Je suis en!)

I love that when I finish loading or unloading the dishwasher, or while waiting for the microwave or my eggs to come to a boil,  I now add 10 push ups at the kitchen counter. This past weekend I came up with  . . . TEN “the moment I wake up” . . . and TEN MORE . . . “before I put on my makeup”, at the bathroom vanity.  I feel so good about myself when I put on my lipstick.

I live in a Tri-level for goodness sake!  At my very feet, there are two flights of steps that have not nearly been utilized to reach the top of my workout potential.

Start somewhere.

  1. 10k a day!
  2. Rockin’ at my desk!
  3.  Lean on me, push ups can be done anywhere, everywhere . . . and almost anytime.


I am back with a refreshed attitude, a newish look and  a “minuscule” change in direction .”Ne pas s’inquiéter!”, (not to worry !) ,  I have not abandoned the bites of French bread.

I hope to be that little place you can pop into just long enough for a . . . breathe in and breathe out, and depart with a fresh dose of energy and inspiration.

“Rester Simple”

w / L


  1. Oh my goodness! Thank God you are ok and taking steps to help yourself feel and get better!

    Love your new blog, how long have you been at wordpress?Do you like it? Is it hard to learn?

    Have a wonderful weekend, so sorry to have missed this

  2. I’m glad they ruled out anything serious. What a scare. I’m reading and I’m listening. I’ve been sensing a change in my legs lately when I’m on the computer too long. Thank you for sharing this, L. You’re definitely headed in the right direction. I can feel the energy behind your words. Keep at it, friend.

  3. Lynne, what a serious health scare to a serious condition, yet not being in a job that allows you more daily movement is not good at all, it sounds like your rocking footstool is helping. Perhaps so,e long weekend walks and after work walks would help as well, dear life Right? This post has reminded me to move around today.

    Take care beautiful author, you can make a bad situation sound so poetically written.
    See you soon dear.
    Now get up and move around.



  4. Lynne,
    Breathe in and breathe out… great advice to anyone and everyone. Just said those very words today to a group of students just about to start their Advanced Placement exam in Physics. Lots of stress for the kiddos taking the test and wanted to help them relax a little before beginning. Smiles all around from the test takers… mission accomplished.

    You are such an inspiration! Love all your quick, simple, easy to implement ideas about how to add needed exercises to our days. I am glad to know that DVT was not the problem.

    Your new header is just stunning!


  5. Hello darling Lynne–You sound energized and refreshed my friend! Sorry to hear about your scare but what positive changes a little info can bring about. I sit at a desk at work and often at home, so I’m with you on needing to move more. Even little changes make a big difference! I’m making some big changes in my life, so there is lots of breathing in/breathing out going on. 😉
    Always lovely to stop by your blog, Lynne.
    xx, Heather

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