French Bread On Friday!

Hello Lovelies!

It is the most beautiful Friday morning on 34th street.

Mother's Day Frans

My favorite Seattle chocolatier marketed me with a Mother’s Day email “Bonjour” this week. I have consumed and gifted her amazing confections for years. One never has to worry about dessert when there is a box of Fran’s in the house.  One bite is a perfect serving, with coffee, or a sip of Merlot. Like Victorian scrap, I knew I wanted to keep bits and pieces of her styled pretty virtual correspondence  to decorate my blog and share for this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Text 1

Mother's Day Text 2

  ♥  Sweet serendipity!

did you catch  N°5 ?

. . . and have you seen this?  (Play the film!)

I LOVE the new, dreamy rendition!

“. . . to my heart . . . I must be true!”

Never . . . ever . . . stop marketing your dreams!

Happy Mother’s Day!

w / L


  1. LYNNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, this is good news, I CAN SEE YOUR BLOG! First of all, your new look is marvelous! I joined Word Press a few months ago, hoping to start a new site for my photography. I have yet to follow through on that adventure….

    Thank you so much for coming to visit me, and I will grab your address here to put on my blog roll! I hope all is well and that your passion for life is burning strongly! Je t’embrasse mon amie! Anita

  2. Lynne!! On my way out, but couldn’t resist a bite of French bread first. This was simply yummy. I had seen a short clip of that video, just watched all. LOVE! No. 5 has always been my favorite.
    Have a lovely, lovely. To my heart I must be true…indeed.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

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