While we were away . . .

Good Monday, Lovelies!

Last week, Mr D  and I were away with family, at Whistler, BC.  We were mostly “unplugged”.

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Mr D’s brother, Carl, took care of The Chocolate Gousse.  He came to 34 to fetch her after work on the day we departed. Before taking her to his home, he let her out the upstairs sliding door so she could make a visit to the back yard before her travel to his house.

He forgot to close the slider.

When we returned, Mr D said . . . “Why is the back door open?”

The house was not disturbed. It was as neat and tidy as we left it.

Gousse arrived home with Carl.  It was confirmed. Our back door was wide open for six full days.

S – I – X     D – A – Y – S !

Our neighborhood has declined over the past ten years.  To be honest, I would be embarrassed to have you visit.  I am very critical and ashamed of the neglect on our block.

Before we left for Whistler, there were three drive by shootings within a four mile radius of our home. One of the fatalities, a thirty year old man, just walking his dog, a half mile from our home.  It was advised that the local citizens stay in after dark.

To say that I was glad to leave town for awhile is an understatement.  I was very angry at society.

S – I – X     D – A – Y – S !   WIDE OPEN. . .in this neighborhood?

Only 1 dead house fly.

Only 1 dead moth.

No birds.

No squirrels.

No vermin.

No squatters.

No bad guys.

Only our completely AIRED OUT . . . tidy, as we left it, home.

I still cannot wrap my head around it!

Is it God’s way of telling me to chill?

. . . not to be so tough on my shabby, lazy little neighborhood?

. . . to fear not?

. . . to open the door?

. . . Welcome Peacocks!

w / L


  1. Lynne,
    What a relief that all was well with your house. I think you should still lock your doors. Hope you had a wonderful time in Whistler…


  2. Lynne, I can’t believe nothing happened to your house in 6 days! That’s amazing and a miracle! I’m not sure if that would have happened in our neighborhood. I do have a lot of nice (curious) neighbors and they probably would have shut the door (hopefully). I hope you had a good trip anyway! Happy Monday ♥
    Hugs, Jody

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