French Bread on Friday . . .

Hello Beautifuls!

I enjoy a periodical called “BAKE”.

The publication features a theme. The images are eye candy. The pages inspire me to grab my mixing spoon and “bake it pretty”.

Baked 1

. . . on the Saturday before Mother’s Day . . . I spied this at our Fred Meyer in the magazine section.

The French Issue.

. . . parfait!

Baked 2

. . . dreamy.

Baked 3

. . . every page.

. . . without a second thought . . . into the cart it went. on the drive home all I could do is think about getting my chores finished so I could sit down with an afternoon tea and dive into it.

baked 5

. . . trace the calligraphy and play with my new logos.

. . . share it with you, as I draw it into my on line adventure.

Baked 4

. . . and speaking of this on line adventure.

When I first started blogging, I wanted a creative form of expression. Then . . . I seemed to get caught up in “the numbers game”.  While caught up in the numbers and dabbling in monetizing . . . something much richer and more beautiful occurred.

My six year online adventure has connected me with the dearest, kindest, funniest, brilliant and most creative people. While I am blessed with the most amazingly beautiful and wonderful family and friends in my “real life”,  I also feel gifted in my blog life.


You fuel me in the morning, giving me a kick start to my every day steps.

You are here . . . in times when you may think that I am not there.  You care. You wonder if I am alright. You wonder where I’ve been.

You know who you are.



Baked 6

I am there.  I may not always speak. I spend most of my moments wrapping your words and images around me.

. . . and I am so grateful to be here today with a serving of French bread. ( No that’s not me . . . it’s another beautiful French fille, this time . . . touring twirling me Patisserie!)

I promise to be more visible at your places in the days to come.

w / L

♥ The French spatulas were in my Mother’s Day box from Jay and Camille. They were purchased at Sur La Table. You will find them on line here.

♥ . . . and dear “BAKE”, thank your for letting me dream and virtually play inside  your amazing images.  Seriously, I wish I could paint them!


  1. Lynne, I went to Sur La Table this week and bought Jess one of these spatulas for her shower. I’ve been picking up little goodies here and there to give her. I also found some Paris measuring spoons at another store. There were only a few spatulas left, so glad that I stopped by when I did. Thanks for sharing your post, I know she’ll love it.


  2. Oh Lynne, those French spatulas are too cute. What a nice present from your son. Jess would love those as a wedding gift. Love the Eiffel one. I think we may have a Sur La Table here, but not sure. Keep baking, Lynne! I love goodies.


  3. I buy this magazine at our local Barns and Noble book sellers….yet have also picked it up on the magazine stands at Walmart when I went in to buy shipping boxes and tape I discovered it on their stands.
    Love it and feel like you in how it moves me to bake and creates.

    See you soon beautiful


  4. Love the French spatulas from Sur La Table, what wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day from Jay and Camille ! I would love to find,”The French Issue Bake magazine from Scratch”. We don’t have a Fred Meyer in San Diego, but maybe I can find it online. I have always loved your posts and creativity you put into your blog.
    It has always inspired me, Thank you!
    Hugs, Jody

  5. Lynne,
    I loved everything… the Bake periodical, the spatulas, the sentiments…

    I am going to Paris Aug. 29 with my sister. Just the two of us for a girls’ trip, and I am making my lists of all the things to do and to see. So looking forward to patisseries with tarte au fraises and croissants in the mornings…. sitting at sidewalk cafes, eating more food, going to the Maison d’Objet trade show… meeting friends who will be there at the same time to attend a classical music concert at Saint Chapelle….


  6. This is such a sweet post. I love the way you styled Bake and the spatulas that are so perfect for you. Your thoughts are shared by many when it comes to blogging. ♥

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