Just one pic . . .

Hellooo Lovelies!

It’s been crazy around here.

The month of May breezed by with its myriad of birthdays, anniversaries and retirements.

We opened June with a visit from Jay and Camille. Their Summer visit is usually wrapped into the July 4th weekend.

Emmy Night 2016

This year brought them home June 4th for the Northwest Regional Emmy Awards. Jay had two of his news stories nominated this time around. We were hopeful for Jay, as his pieces were moving and well produced.

No win.

In the true spirit of “mom rationale”. . . it was an honor to be nominated . . . and a WIN for me! The nomination brought my babies back to the nest for a few days. They leave tomorrow. I have already prepared my mindset for the next hello, as goodbyes can be way too sad if you let them. Jay could pop in for another visit after he finishes covering The USA Track & Field Team Trials in Eugene, Oregon, which will occur at the end of this month into early July.  ( I’m hoping . . . )

Jay and Camille look forward to the ground breaking on their new home when they return. Of course, the main topic of conversation has been their wedding plans for next Summer.

Wishing you a blessed day!


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