Wellness on Wednesday . . .

Hello lovelies!

I am committed to my journey to simplify 34 with a focus on self-care and wellness.  During the past five years, I have gained 15 pounds on top of the “30+” that piled on in my 50’s.  A girl cannot be at a desk all day, and blog two to three hours when home.  It’s not healthy. Yesterday, reality checked in when I was measured and weighed.  When I finish today’s post, it will be close to 5:40am, at which time I will don my “athleisure” to be at the gym by 6am.  I have three days with a trainer. I hope to have this body in a size 8 a year from now, when I dance with our son at his wedding. ( realistically . . . I will embrace a 10.)

My newest mantra defines a slight change of direction here on 34.

keep it simple and share“. . .  en français . . . ” rester simple et partager“. . .

(Yes, there will still be the French nuances that feed my whimsical self.)

Most of my Wednesday posts will be devoted to special wellness treats . . . either posts of my own, or reference to posts by others, bookmarked to inspire, heal and treat me.

tea steam 1.jpg
:: ici ::

As a BIG believer in the concept of  “Spa at home”,  I have been busy building my own personal “Apothecary” of nature’s luxuries.

I keep a small assortment of “tisane’s” around the house.

noun ti·sane \ti-ˈzan, -ˈzän\

Definition of tisane

  1. :  an infusion (as of dried herbs) used as a beverage or for medicinal effects.

tea steam 2.jpg
:: ici ::

After landing at “a Better Happier St Sebastian” on 3-28-16, I couldn’t think of a better place to take you for inspiring a  “tea steam facial at home“.

tea steam 3.jpg
:: ici ::

The teas featured in the post from “a Better Happier San Sebastian” are from “The Seventh Duchess“.  ( Another gorgeous site . . . I promise!)  

tea steam 4.jpg
:: ici ::

When finished “treating” your outside self, I recommend finishing this ritual by pouring a fresh cup for your inside self, too. Now that it’s summertime, you may wish to add ice to your sipping blend.

For the complete story and the instructions on how to give yourself this 10 minute spa at home luxury, I encourage you to visit “a Better Happier St Sebastian”, here.

“rester ∼ simple”

w / L


  1. Hi Lynne it was so nice to hear from you. We are downsizing to a townhome two bedroom 2 1/2 bath 1300 ft.² from 3300 so far we are loving it it’s different/strange but a good change… I think it’s just how things have to go as people get a little older I’m celebrating my 60th birthday right now… I hope that doesn’t sound strange … I will be in Seattle mid August and I would love to meet you if that would work out, or if you have an interest in that… Have a wonderful weekend. Xoxo Mary

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  2. Chère Lynne, BONJOUR! I just happened to look at my blog and there you were! Merci d’être venue et pour tes commentaires! I loved your comment on your youth during the 60s! I REMEMBER Yardley, I do! Those were some fun times, weren’t they? I was in elementary school at the time, but watching the teens of the day inspired us up and coming adolescents who wanted to be flower children. Oh the beauty of memory, n’est-ce pas?

  3. I believe in the simple life. I get up, I write, correspond, take photos, write, work out, eat well, walk, and all of this I can only do during my summer vacation off from teaching. When I do teach, I have to be very precise in how I spend my ME time. We need to do it, Lynne. I wish you the best in your regime, car c’est très important de garder la ligne afin d’être en bonne santé! You can do this. Eat whole foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oils, nuts, lean poultry and fish, etc….I’m sure you know this. Walk, walk, walk, and follow a routine that will become part of YOU.

    Bonne continuation! Anita Rivera

    1. Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement, dearest Anita! Je suis gêné de dire que j’ai été hors ligne avec ma santé pendant un bon moment. I am keeping a journal on this journey to wellness. I have written all of your words into the front of my wellness journal!
      . . . and will now sign off . . . BONNE CONTINUATION!
      ~ Lynne

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