Holland . . . What do you want for your birthday?


“I would like a globe with a pink ocean!”

(Not the answer I would expect from a soon to be five-year old.)

Inspired by her answer, I approached Mr D with my ideas for this years gift(s).

(So ready was I . . . to seize a fun opportunity to give her the WORLD . . .  albeit a PINK one.)

First . . .the hunt for the globe . . .  this should be easy . . . ( Have I ever told you  . . . about eighteen years ago, I was a “rep” for Replogle globes?)

Next . . . I traveled to the AMAZON.  I found one . . . it was a little more than I wished to spend. ( As you will see, I had some other ideas to add to this gift equation.)

?  ?  ?  ?  ?

Perplexed . . . I called Chrislyn . . . to  ask  . . . “Where on EARTH (wink, wink) did Holland see a world globe with a pink ocean?”

(Her answer was welcome to my ears.)

“Hobby Lobby.”

raspberry globe

Not only did I find it . . . home décor was 50% off that week.  Score!  ( Loved it’s temporary “pop” atop our old Alabama farm table, before it was gifted to H.G.)


A bit of serendipity happened along the way when Emily at Jones Design Company featured this book on her blog a couple of weeks ago.

raspberry luggage

Another idea popped into my head so I traveled back to AMAZON and found this. Why not give her . . . her very first piece of real luggage?

My grandmother jumped on the opportunity as I prepared to spend the summer of 1969 studying in Europe. My first piece was a stylish,  bright red silhouette of mid-century American Tourister.

With the world and her country tucked inside,  I topped it with a flourish of ribbons,  tulle and sparkle.

Hollands suitcase

Her mommy snapped this image of Holland very early in the morning on the day after her party.  She was headed to the airport in her Cinderella summer jammies with one of her birthday balloons tied to her finger.

Already dreaming . . . imagining . . . playing . . . traveling . . .

Packed . . .

w / L


  1. Lynne,
    Holland is a girl after my own heart! Already loving the world and traveling with her pink roller bag and a ballon! Thank you so much for reminding me of the joy of dreaming and traveling.


  2. Oh Lynne what a wonderful Grandma you are to indulge Hollands imagination. A pink ocean? Why not! And as for her first travel case this is the icing on the cake and I see her packing it often wether she is traveling or not….her imagination will have her is play, and packing and unpacking will be a given.
    What a wow! Grandma you are my dear.



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