Just one pic . . .


Not a match needed for these little firecrackers! They generate sparks in our hearts and a fire to fuel our lives every day.  They are three more reasons why I am blogging sitting less and moving more until I retire from my desk job.  ( Only 19 months to go! )

( Mr D thinks Cam looks like she’s the boss in this photograph.)




w / L


  1. Lynne,
    Adorable! Their smiles make me think of you… You are such a happy person that I know they are learning the joie de vivre from you.

    Those 19 months til retirement will FLY by.


  2. What cute little love lighting bugs to love on my dear.
    What a baby commercial add this photo would make.
    You aure do have some beautiful babies to love on 🙂

    Happy days ahead of you.
    See you soon

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