well . . . ness . . . well . . . yes!

. . . back today to say hello!

. . . and to share simple “motivators to me”!

liz marie

I pinned this cute little graphic from Liz Marie’s blog a couple of years ago.  I hope Liz does not mind my borrowing her creative motivation for my sidebar on my journal to wellness.

emily lillian

. . . another one of my motivators is this simple quote from Emily Lillian.  The quote reminds me I am a work of art.  (His art.)

I am in the fourth week of more dedicated works outs. ( 5 to 6 days a week ) The first noticeable improvement I experienced was the diminishing of a few lingering aches and pains that found a home in me since taking down the Christmas boxes from the high shelves. ( I must have pulled something or “some things”.)

My main goal this past month was to establish a workout routine or ritual. I decided to return to Curves. It’s works for me. I love the 30 + minutes of workout and the stretching apparatus. I am convinced the stretching is the key factor in the disappearing pain.

I also set my daily Fitbit goal to 8000 steps a day ( instead of 10k ). I find that my weekend activity makes up for the days the I come in under goal during the work week.  I can always “pump up the step goal” as I get stronger.

As I approach month two of my journey, I will begin creating my own personal “Healthy – For – Me – Whole – Foodie – Diary”.  Have I ever told you I am allergic to soy?  If you are a label reader . . . you will likely agree, some form of soy is in almost everything.  I have spent the last year addressing my food allergies. An elimination diet and a little help from this product, has had me eczema free for six months. ( The very first time I have had clear arms and legs in five years.)  I purchase my First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream from QVC when they offer a super size deal, otherwise it is too spendy for me.

I hope my journal helps someone besides me. Blogging and sharing is so good for our wellness!

A big thank you to all who encourage me, daily. Your reach out is a gift!

Rester simple . . .

w / L


  1. Lynne,
    Your lists remind me of the things I should be doing for my own well-ness, well-yes. I have never been a fan of exercise routines, but probably should add them to my list of things to do. Thanks for your inspiration.


  2. I love the way you are approaching this! Aches and pains can be nagging and cause us to not want to exercise…that’s where I am right now. Might be caused by a little too much blogging. 🙂

    I’m glad I read this today. You’ve motivated me.

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