unsinkable !


What the heck is going on?

life is tough

You keep serving it up “out-of-bounds”.

You keep throwing!

ugly old sinks

Lately . . .

. . . even the kitchen sink!

kitchen sink 1

 We’ll take your sad sink and make it happy.

Kitchen sink 2

We’ll take your ugly sink and make it pretty.

kitchen sink 3

We’ll take any empty sink you toss us and make it bountiful and beautiful!

w / L

( . . . all images may be found here.)



  1. Lynne, have a beautiful sink day, what a beautiful way of looking at life.
    A much needed post for this day filled with dishes, paints, clays.
    I may clean it and invision a sink full of flowers all weekend long


  2. Lynne,
    Your sense of word play is just the best. Yes, we are unsinkable, and we will make any sink thrown at us, B E A U T I F U L.

    Happy Tuesday,

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