Souvenir {The Best From Blogspot}

First, a little review.

As most of you know, I retreated Google for WordPress about six months ago.  When my posts would not publish for days I became discouraged.  I wish I could explain why there were technical difficulties. Google never responded.

Discouraged and robbed of some joy and momentum, I almost gave up blogging.

After a month  I decided to check in on the WordPress blog I had started before I moved to the more friendly Google Blogspot format. I dabbled . . . re-gained my confidence. . . and made the move.  The transition has been a slow work in progress.

In my down time, my focus shifted to a personal movement, with a goal of improving my health and simplifying  34.

Some of you have inquired about the moving of my blog posts from blogspot to my newest home of expression. I thought long and hard about it.

  1. If I took the time to figure out how to “do it myself” . . . it would impact my moving and toning . . . and the progress of cleaning and simplifying my life.
  2. I could pay someone to bring it forward . . . however . . .I would rather save the money for some needed home improvements.

I deliberated about a throw back Thursday concept . . .

No . . . no . . .  That’s a Facebook thing.

Then . . . in my ” there must be a little French nuance bread in my life state of mind ” . . . the word appeared.

souvenir (n.) 1775, “a remembrance or memory,” from French souvenir (12c.), from Old French noun use of . . . 

 . . . a commemoration . . .  a recollection . . . a keepsake . . .

Hmmmm . . . C’est tout!

Without further adieu . . .

. . . Souvenir

. . .  The Best From Blogspot

w / L


:: December 10, 2010

:: Community ::

About 6 months ago my daughter called me. She was super excited…”Jason (her hubby), was taking her to a Lake Forest Park bookstore to meet The Pioneer Woman!” …

” Who is the Pioneer Woman?”…(sorry..PDub!)

“Mom…she has a blog, it’s amazing… I’m going to purchase her cookbook!”

                                              Chrislyn and PW at the bookstore.
After consuming some wonderful food (made by Chrislyn) from PW’s cookbook, and my daughter’s my enthusiasm, I just had to check out Ree’s website to see what all the hoopla was about!

I did… and through PW… I found Layla, Holly, Melissa, Emily, Jami… and this amazing…COMMUNITY!

Emily…My Mentor…Encourager!

I followed them for about few months…then at the end of October with some encouragement from Emily, I decided to take the plunge and start a blog of my own.

~*Dreams on 34th Street*~
I’m an early bird…up every morning before 5am…Mr Dreams leaves for work at 5:28. I throw a load of clothes in the washer and grab a cup of coffee. It’s time to check out what’s happening in my new community!
I see the “teeny” photo squares of  my 11 (now 12!) followers…all amazing…allinspirational…all fun…all very special to me!

Jami…My first follower!

A little click here and there…then I realize…it’s time to do a couple quick chores and get ready for work…but…

I have such new-found energy…because…
I’ve travelled around the world a few times and I’ve been over the moon…flying through amazing thoughts and creative processes!
Thank you, sweet community!
Have a safe {First Night} of 2011! I wish you all the best for our New Year!!!
{with love}
( that’s how I signed off in the beginning! )
  1. So sweet! Welcome to blogland!! It truly is a community! 🙂



  2. You are so sweet, *L*! Thank you. Happy to be your first follower. Isn’t it the best feeling in the world (that first follower moment)? It’s such a great community of creativity & friendships and I’m happy you’re among it! I’ve added you to my blog roll too. Thanks for putting me in yours!

    Enjoy your “travels” in 2011,

( Gosh. I miss Jami.)
Have a beautiful mid-Summer weekend, Lovelies!


  1. Oh, I love The Pioneer Woman! How exciting that your daughter got to meet her. I watch her sometimes on her cooking episodes. : ) What a great picture this is, Lynne.


  2. How I L o V e your creative and oh so b U b b L y thought process, L.
    There isn’t a visit to your page that doesn’t inspire and tempt me to come back to this wonderful community.
    Great pic of Chrislyn w/Ree.

    It’s August. You ready? 😉

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