French bread on Friday ! Simple et Doux!

corner collage 1.jpg

We are officially mid-Summer!  ( I know everyone is talking Fall.)  In some places, school has already begun. We don’t start until after labor day here in the Pacific Northwest.

Today is going to be glorious and HOT!  I call a morning like this, “a California morning”.

On this morning, I captured a few images of a wall in our kitchen and made a photo collage. Yes, those are Chrislyn and Jay’s kindergarten hand prints. They have had their place in my kitchen since they were carried home in a backpack.  I have moved them here and there. They presently look very cute hanging from black and creamy white stripe ribbons held up with my favorite burnished brass tacks on the cork board.

Mr D and I share the pegs below . . .( his BBQ tools on the right ) . . . our perfect little his and hers not necessarily contrived vignette.

Do you follow the site Food52?

error message

The other day, at lunch, I was clicking . . .

Searching . . .

I landed on an “error message” that gifted me  . . . this!  

French bread . . . parfait!


Since it hadn’t a name . . . I  named it!

food 52 chocolate on fb

:: FboF  – Simple et Doux ::

Slice a baguette.

Lay a piece of cho-co-lat on top.

Place in a 350 degree oven ( or on the grill )  until it melts.

Sprinkle with olive oil and sea salt!

Bon appétit!

. . . & speaking of bon appétit!


. . . a mid – Summer gem, herself!

She was born August 15, 1912 and passed to her kitchen above on August 13, 2004.

Mmmmmm . . . Julia . . . family . . . friends of 34.


Simple et Doux!

. . . with cho-co-lat et almonds.

. . . with cho-co-lat et berries et fruit.

oh!   Salted caramel!

The possibilities are endless!

chrislyn and the girls
Our beautiful girls, last weekend.  Holland, a bit under the weather, made it up the aisle.  She is a trooper with the biggest heart.

May your mid-Summer weekend be filled with endless “simple and sweet” possibilities!

w / L


  1. Oh, Lynne,
    What beauties your three girls are! Then there is the chocolate on bread recipe… I discovered Nutella many years ago when I traveled as a chaperone for high school students visiting France. At that time we could not get Nutella in Texas so I would bring a jar home with me. 🙂 The French served Nutella at breakfast to put on baguettes. It was such a treat and still is.


  2. Oh Lynne I am always taken with your writing and delights. Your girls are all so beautiful what faces to set each day on. I am so looking forward to cooler days, winter being a favorite season of mine.
    I am hope the last days of summer bring you nothing but inspiration for the season to follow.

    See you and your beauty soon.


  3. Oh my, forget the chocolate bread, look at those gorgeous heart-melting smiles.
    LOVE autumn, but we learn to savor each season. Enjoy the rest of your summer, L.

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