Dreams and ramblings . . .”Spread the muse!”

Sitting here this morning reflecting on some of my greatest passions.

. . . also thinking about the future.

Only 18 months away from retirement . . . I will be finishing my traditional work life in the field of healthcare.  I am having a difficult time wrapping my head around the idea of “retirement”.   I won’t mince words . . . It makes me think  . . . “I’m old” . . . “the end” . . . “it’s over”.

You all know I am a positive person . . . but . . . even the most positive person can think thoughts like this . . . once in a while.

emily lillian

Believing . . .positive “quotes” come from positive people who make an effort to wipe negativity from their minds and share. Their words, written down, go viral and transform into “memes” for the healing. In the land of blog, they also become stylish wooden signs and inspire the prettiest “scrolly and loopy” calligraphy.  Oh, the whim of it all!

chez meme
:: French store front from my board “Shop Around The Corner” ::

I had the most amazing career before I began what would be a more important role in my life . . . motherhood. When the kiddos started their school years, I knew my extensive travel would interfere with our quality of life.  I was able to find employment , and a place for artistic expression within the framework of our community’s school system and freelance for a designer watch company and jewelry line in the stores on evenings and weekends. I watched a few children before and after school.

kendra scott hot
Kendra Scott . . . Hot!  

I would love to be a merchant again. I would like to try my hand at design. Start tiny . . . and see how it grows goes. Perhaps I should look at retirement as just “leaving healthcare”, in that position of stability to get the kids through the college years. Healthcare is far from the stable place it once was. Recent reforms and “Acts” have caused the loss of jobs due to outsourcing and automation. I am lucky have survived so far.

Like a seasonal buying plan, I can begin to work on a plan for 18 months from now.

Writing it down and sharing helps . . .

  1. Soak it in!
  2. Weave the talent, dreams and goals of yourself and others between your words here on 34!
  3. Spread the muse! (Something new . . . start next week.)
  4. Get inspired inside this biggest think tank ever!
  5. Grab the obvious brass ring . . . Embrace your writers and creators on their daily and dearly style by the love of living journey.
  6.  The PROSE , the PHOTOGRAPHY, the STORIES, the CREATIONS are right here . . . in the very front of  you . . .  a feast on the move! 



To my blog friends who are not yet on Instagram . . . please dive in. You will find that you are able to better communicate and link back and forth to your favorite blogs. It’s like an extra layer of icing on a well crafted cake.

. . . and speaking of Instagram . . . here’s a goodie!

Check out @the_shopkeepers for unending . . . shop ’til you drop free “eye candy”!

come this far


Thanks for listening to me today!

You are the best!

w / L


  1. How wonderful that you will be leaving one career to pursue your dreams! You are going to be wonderful at whatever you do and we will all be here to follow along. I cannot wait to hear about what sorts of things you are going to be doing.

    Take care of yourself and keep us posted.

  2. Lynne,
    Retirement is just an opportunity to reinvent yourself with the security of having an income. You will be wonderful at whatever you do. Yes, you are positive…. and bring so much joy into your readers’ lives. Your posts always lift me up.

    A new series, Spread the Muse. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds. You have such a wonderful way of expressing yourself and expressing what you see in others.


  3. Lynne, it will be yet another chapter in your life. I know you will make the most of it! I am going to consider joining Instagram.

  4. Hello dear Lynne, I’m so glad I caught this post today. As you know, I have just made the leap of retirement from my 33 years in education. From this side, I can tell you that rather than feeling ‘old’ I feel like I’m 18 again with all the options and opportunities ahead. I’m 55 (and took retirement the first day to receive a pension) so I figure I have another 15 or 20 years to pursue a career following my passions of travel, e-commerce and blogging. I finally have the TIME to spend my time doing what I love. I have a feeling it will be very much the same for you. It’s an exciting and energizing time so far. I’m chronicling my journey on the blog. There were certainly some ups and downs in the process of figuring it out. Here’s to a next chapter for you! I know you are feeling the light at the end of the tunnel! 🙂
    xx, Heather

    1. Heather! I am following your journey! You were brilliant to have your ecommerce in place when you retired. You are living your passion. You are a mentor to many. I’m going to begin a little series called “Spread the Muse”. Would like for you to be my first feature.

      1. Oh Lynne, what a huge compliment! I’m grateful for the kindness and your support of my business. I love the idea of your muse feature–already sounds inspiring! I would be honored to be part of it all.
        Big hugs, my dear!
        xx, Heather

  5. Lynne, I’ve been a stay at home mom since our 3 children were little. I’m one of those lucky ones! But, my husband, Stan just retired this last February after 37 years at the same job… I’ve heard all kinds of stories of what happens to couples when they retire and I can only say, not with us!! I love having him home, we love gardening and now is his time to enjoy it. I’m also turning 65 in September and I’m definitely not bored with life. My bucket list is never stop trying to create and enjoy life now!! Can’t wait until you retire Lynne, the sky is the limit!!
    ♥ Hugs, Jody

    1. Dearest Jody! LOL . . . I remember when my best friend in high school’s dad retired. Her mom was bedside herself the first couple years. You and Stan have an amazing relationship. Your love reflects in your blogging. Thank you for your encouraging words! I know Mr D and I will cherish every moment we spend together. We will have many projects to complete side by side as we prepare to sell our home.

  6. Lynne! I am so glad you love Instagram! I LOVE IT TOO! And I am very happy for you that your retirement is coming close! I have about seven years until I can, and there are times that I wish I could do it now only so I can devote more time to my craft of writing and photography. But in due time. AND, it will be the beginning of a new life my friend. ENJOY! Anita

    1. OMGoodness, Anita! Instagram is the PERFECT venue for your PHOTOGRAPHS! PURE EYE CANDY that sweetens our hearts and our souls. I was filled with joy when I saw your first image pop up before my eyes!
      . . . always . . . Thank you for your presence in my world!

  7. It’s never over unless you decide it is! Your next phase will be wonderful. You’ll love having a little less stress and being able to choose how you fill your time. 🙂

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