Summer Into Fall Reflection . . .


h e l l o . . . L o v e l i e s !


As much as I love September . . . I am going to miss August and the Summer of 2016.

bumble bee

It has been a lovely and simpler Summer . . .

I didn’t try to do it all.

My yard went “au natural”.

All family time spent was precious.

Season two set the tone for a change of pace rhythm, with focus on transforming my health . . . my shape.

The extra weight gained from my five-year sedentary lifestyle is slow to shed, however I can feel the benefits of the added effort every day.  Seriously ache – free!

Two months in  . . .  my favorite jeans are easy to button.  I am no longer on the edge of “size up”. I am likely less than one month away from “one size down”.

I’m ready for September . . . the next discipline . . .

 Eliminate more sugar in September.

To Curves on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with 10,000 steps and MORE WATER in between . . .

One hour a day out in our yard and garden with my pretty, (completely blank!), French Garden Journal.

One hour a week in a garden or Flower Shop away from 34.

A very special trip to Idaho. . . I know there will be plenty to share.

Plan a TGIF sleepover for “the grands”!


All images collected at Ravenna Gardens – Seattle complete with the accidental “selfie”.

Ah . . . September 1 . . . Linda in God Bless Texas . . . a SIX year friend is playing “September Morn” !

Can I get a “Holly Holy”?


◊ Use seasons to find a manageable rhythm for housework and your home.                        Simplifying Home



  1. HAs it REALLY been 6 years we have been blogging friends? I think of you often – remember the wine coasters you sent us? We use them every day!
    Congratulations of taking charge of your health! I have to work at it all the time.
    My surgery is having the joint replacent in my toe removed and then the toe reconstructed. This toe is not nearly as complicated as the other one I had done back in May. That one is still recovering.
    I know y’all in the north do not feel the same way about fall as we do down here in Texas. It’s still HOT here so I am decorating on faith that it will FEEL like fall someday in the near future.
    Love and prayers from Texas -always!!

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