Funky Little Mix Match . . .

Write it from “off the top of  your head”!

Take it “tongue in cheek”!

By FAR the most popular board in my Pinterest collection is Funky Little Mix Match. On a whim, I created it about three years ago. In the past few months, it’s gone “Radio Active“.

[ “I’m cool” . . . “I’m hip” . . . ( to quote, may God rest his soul Gene Wilder from the 1976 remake of The Silver Streak). ]

He’s with his girl Gilda now!


. . .  and I could so see Gilda wearing this!   

Funky Little Mix Match 1



We worked for this “THREE DAY”!

Happy Labor Day!

w / L


⇔ Image re-blogged from Tumblr can possibly be traced from here.


    1. I am so pleased to meet you, Summer!

      I have been blogging for almost six years. Up until last January I had a google account. At the end of last year my posts would not publish for hours after I published them. I tried to get help from Google . . . they did not respond.

      I lost heart . . . I stopped blogging for awhile. I was tired of the glitches.

      I found that I both missed my friends of five years and NEEDED to return to this lovely form of expression.

      This place is a new journey for me. Since I have a very sedentary job, I cannot spend the time I once did blogging due to weight gain and health reasons.

      I blog when I am inspired. I blog to motivate, to encourage, to laugh . . . to go outside and play.

      Your blog is lovely. It’s filled with sincerity and it’s a visual treat. I have visited twice . . . tried to leave a comment . . . I hope I reach you this way!

      Have fun thinking out loud and sharing!


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