The Gift of the Day!

Once it landed . . . it became a ritual.

It’s something that happens to me almost every day. ( It sort of goes along with the term “ordinary miracle”. )

The gift of the day!

I don’t seek it.

It “lights” on me.

Yesterday, I was madly cleaning house before the COUGS played. The PAC-12 network was delayed, so I had a little down time before the game. I popped a cool grapefruit shandy and checked my Instagram . . .sweetlaurelblog.

. . .clicked her IG.

. . .then clicked to her blog, “Sweet Laurel” where I landed on her love story.  I am not going to tell you anything more other than . . . visiting Laurel immediately resonated as my gift of the day.


Romeo & Juliet

Congratulations to Laurel and her handsome blue – eyed guy with the devilish grin!

We lost the game . . .

I  popped “Letters To Juliet” into the machine.

Just beam me to Verona now, please!

Wishing you a gifted day!

w / L


  1. Thanks for introducing Sweet Laurel here☺ I hope you have the most beautiful day ♥
    Also, thank you for your kind comment on my blog yesterday… It added some sparkles to my day♥
    And I am thinking I will enjoy my visits here too!

  2. You have a very beautiful photo..and it’s a good idea to hear about “gift of the day”. So many do not find joy in their ordinary days. This one looks uplifting.

    Romeo and Juliet is such a legend..until now I still wonder if it’s a real- life story having been able to visit Verona and the tomb of Giulietta (in italian) in their museum. Verona is such a romantic city.

    Anyway, lovely site here.

    Have a blessed days ahead!

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