A Wednesday well spent!



Fall always makes me think of Laura.  How her words lift and love. I have been returning to my favorite classic writers for comfort, courage and inspiration.

Words that encourage me to . . .

Focus on appreciating what I already have.

To approach fashioning myself, and our little house on 34 with a sense of responsible spending.

I have almost entirely adapted to “the capsule wardrobe” theory.  As I plan for the holiday season,  I will expand this theory to our home as well.

I love the wardrobe concept . . . Most days getting dressed is a “no brainer”.  I wear my favorites and always feel good.

:: ici ::

So this shoe . . . smitten with it the moment I saw it!  Pinned it . . . went back to it several times. The one in the photo was not in my budget.

. . . but I thought about the look.

. . . with my bulky black sweater and my classic blue jeans . . . just like the pair in the picture.

. . . to add some jazz to my classic black work pants.

( Very PacNWest Fall Classic to me. )

I didn’t give up.

killer shoes 2.png
:: ici :: 

I found similar . . . both strapped and classic mid heel at Zara.


39.90 . . . I “kid” you not!  


Happy Fall 2016 to my feet and yours!  Wishing you all the simple and beautiful pleasures of this amazing season ahead!

w / L

{ I will be off visiting and collecting inspiration from you for the rest of September. I plan to launch my “Spread The Muse” series in October.}


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