Just One Pic!

Hello Monday!

Hello beautiful beautifuls!

:: ici ::

At first glance, the mix of texture, plaid, Greek key, fur and floral caught my eye.

The floral pillows were made from a World Market shower curtain! 

( . . . have been inspired by a lot of W. M. flavor out in blog land of late.)

I encourage you to visit Brittany York on her Instagram page. She is a breath of fresh air!    ( . . . and has already changed her pillows to reflect a transition into Fall.)

She was featured in Delta Style Magazine for taking her art to her community’s pediatric clinic. (Which reminds me of another story that I may or may not have told you.)

Doesn’t every Monday morning need an image of a lop eared bunny and a fur ball pooch lounging on a chaise in a pretty cute place?


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