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Good day, LOVELIES!

My goodness, it’s October already!  Last Saturday morning, I remerchandised and colorized my closet to reflect Fall.


:: Artemisia – Italy ::

I reopened the boot boxes and . . . was once again . . . swept away by the familiar smell and sense of leather and warm.

Welcome to my “Share The Muse!” series!  On the first Monday of the month, I will feature a special person of muse. In-between, there will be short two-sip “Share the Muse – Express” reads to inspire.  As always there will be the frolic and familiarities of 34th Street which you have grown accustomed to. ( Yes . . . more French bread on Friday is ahead.)  I am getting my blogging groove back, and have managed to make the time to move for health sake too! I know most of you know . . . I am less than two years away from retirement.  For this reason alone, I couldn’t have picked a more appropriate person for the launch.

. . .  for many reasons I chose Heather.

Many of you who visit 34 also know Heather Lindstrom. For those who haven’t met Heather, you will be glad you popped onto 34 today.

Heather recently retired from a career in the field of education where she shared her “guiding spirit” with children.  She counselled and guided children with a healing hope. May God bless you, Heather.

:: Lenger – France ::

Heather’s guiding spirit and passion for her husband Scott, her family, her friends  and her “wanderlist” has drawn me to “read her” for almost four years.

:: Era green clutch [ India via Italia ] ::
Her talent for guiding and marketing led me to a little boutique in the making, curated by “herself”.  My first shopping experience was Christmas time three years ago.  ( The past retail soul in me sensed it was to be the beginning of something bigger.)

:: Brazilian sliced amethyst via Singapore ::

Since retirement, Heather has turned her petite boutique into a world-class adventure. Her gift of a “guiding spirit” has now lifted her to a place where she has always dreamed to be. She spent the Summer in Italy curating, buying and bringing the world home to her growing business and her readers.

:: Let her guiding spirit lead you to “win” and “wander! ::

You may think that my post was planned to coincide with Heather’s giveaway . . .

It wasn’t.

(I had planned to begin “Share the Muse” on the first Monday in September. I postponed it for some mom and dad time with Jay and Camille in Boise. Be still my heart! )  It was the first time Mr D and I had flown somewhere together in over ten years.

( Are we not perfect candidates for a travel counselor?)

. . . after Camille and Jay’s  wedding next Summer . . . hmmmm . . . second Honeymoon . . . or perhaps the very fact we never had a first honeymoon?

It turns out . . . my launch is SERENDIPITOUSLY timed to visit Heather. You can win as you wander.  (Three days to go on her giveaway page.)

Congratulations, Heather!  I wish you and your gifted guiding spirit world-class success!


Share the muse!


[I write “Share the Muse”, not for compensation, but to inspire. It’s my way of paying forward the wealth of creative energy and friendships I have found since launching 34 five years ago.  Yes! It’s my blogiversary!]


  1. Lynne, Congratulations on 5 years of inspiring all of us with your wonderful blog! Good for Heather, to do something she loves with her life after retiring! Wishing her a success career!
    Hugs, Jody

    1. Thank you, Judith. I appreciate the kind words as I take the big leap to a whole new chapter. Lynne has been one of my kindest supporters for years. Friendship means so much, especially during times of life change and growth. Thanks again, darling Lynne. xx

  2. PS–Happy 5th blogiversay, Lynne!!! Cheers to a most cozy, stylish, inspiring “home” you have created here on 34th Street. I always feel like I had a good visit with you when I stop by. CHEERS to you!!! xx

  3. Reblogged this on Style*Mind*Chic Life and commented:
    I am so honored to read this post on ‘Dreams on 34th Street’ blog today, Written by my inspiring and generous friend, Lynne Tust, her blog is a must read. Thanks for the blog love today, Lynne, and for reminding readers that we have one more day to enter the giveaway. Merci!

  4. What a LOVELY surprise to find this post in my inbox, Lynne! I’m so happy to get to know some of your readers, many who are already blog friends. We all know you as a generous, supportive blogger and friend. I appreciate your support of my blog and the Style*Mind*Chic Boutique. Now that I’m officially “retired” I enjoy spending each day on the blog, boutique and my newly launched travel consultant business. It has been such a big leap of faith, and yet, it feels like the right time for reinvention. It’s exciting! How fun that I have a giveaway, of some of my favorite things from the boutique, going on right now on Style*MInd*Chic Life Blog. Thanks so much for sharing the links! Mostly, thanks for your friendship and kindness. You made more than my DAY!!! 🙂
    xx, Heather

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