Wednesday Wellness . . . put the lime in the coconut . . . and some random me.

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H e l l o   b e a u t i f u l s !

How are you?

I have had a pretty good week so far.

I visited my cardiologist for a “stress test” yesterday.  Dr B asked me if I have been walking or working out . . . as he bumped up the treadmill to get my heart rate up.

After two and a half months of the first phase of my lifestyle change, there is a clear indication that the inside of me is healthier. The most important muscle of my being is stronger.

. . . beat . . . BEAT.

(Every successful personal transformation begins on the inside . . . doesn’t it?)


I’m “well”on my way to that once in my lifetime dance next Summer!


Every year, about this time, Mr D and his “buds” go to Eastern Washington for their annual get a way. I plan to spend some time organizing, purging and painting here on 34,  and help my parents with a couple projects at their home.


I am also planning a little “me” time in the evenings.


I have a nickname*** for the practice of stocking my bathroom shelf with coconut oil, essential oils, sugar, salts, citrus and mini mixing bowls a couple of years ago.

Last week Valerie “coined her own version” . . . ici! . . . “skin cheffing”

When I read “skin cheffing” on Valerie’s blog,  I thought . . . Lynne, why haven’t you shared your whim on 34?

I began my home spa inspired by recipes found on Pinterest.

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Then I thought . . .

Why not make my own, affordable and fresh versions of very famous oils?


Mine may not have a fragrance that lingers as long as Jo’s, but mixed with sugar and smoothed on before a shower, or whipped with Epsom salts and melted into the bath is pure decadence. (+Plus . . . you cannot beat grocery store and farmers market prices.) #freshC

October nights are perfect for the mixing of one’s own practical magic . . .

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. . . and a movie.


w / L

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  1. Lynne,
    As soon as I saw the title of this post….put the lime in the coconut… I saw visions of the family of witches dancing down the stairs at midnight having their drinks. Practical Magic is THE movie to watch during the month of witches.


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