Just One Pic . . .

On Monday, Jay and Camille had their engagement photo session.

Jay and Camille in the rain.jpg

Right in the middle of the session it began to rain. The photographer published this photograph on their website with the sweetest quote.

People think that rain can sometimes ruin weddings or engagement sessions but only if you let it! If you choose to just embrace it and have fun you will not only end up with beautiful and unique pictures but also make some memories in the process. After this, we did wait for the storm to pass but only after we took a walk in the rain.”          – CIMBALIK PHOTOGRAPHYdance-in-the-rain



  1. Lynne,
    Of course, Jay and his bride-to-be would embrace the rain and enjoy the moment…. something Jay learned from you AND obviously looked for in his soul mate.

    Dancing in Texas…


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