October 26, 2010

Six years!


Happy Blogiversary to me!

In 2016, I almost walked away.

It all began about a year ago when I was experiencing major technical issues with Google Blogger. I felt silenced.

I was sad.

I sent messages to Blogger. They never replied. I didn’t want to leave Blogger because of its friendly “blog roll” on the sidebar feature.

At the end of January, I moved from “Blogger” to “WordPress”.


With the change, and transition to the “new” place, I lost touch with a few of my great long-held blog friends.

My rhythm was gone.

I began thinking . . . Lynne! . . . get over it! . . .  just go with Instagram.

I slipped away for a while.  I visited everyone quietly . . . didn’t say much, or leave a footprint when I visited.



It was through my blog that I became introduced to a LOVING, CREATIVE, UNDERSTANDING and REASSURING community of hearts and souls.  When I say “reassuring” . . . I am referring to a found wealth of mostly women who make this fractured world a better and beautiful place.


We are friends . . . we know each other pretty well.

We are connected.


We are those birds of a feather who fly together.

My thoughts and feelings were affirmed in August when was able actually meet one of my long-held blog friends.

Thank you for reaching out Mary.

(My gosh she is lovely.)

I really do visualize meeting more of you when I retire and travel the USA one day.

Such amazing, talented, inspirational and supportive friends you are.



g i v e r s . . .

You have given much to me over the years.

banner summer 2015.jpg

34th street is a reflection of my  interpretations of much of your inspiration.

























There are walls and shelves in our home and the homes of my family that display your “artful self’s”.

styling me.jpg







I have styled myself through the dreams and works of you.



Thank you for all that you have given me and 34.

My goal is to be back and as present as I once was.  I will seek and rekindle with those who I have missed for the past ten months.

To those who worried, searched and found me at WordPress, I am touched by your sincere friendship.

To my new-found friends and followers via WordPress!   Welcome!


34 will always be my place to share what muses me with my family and my friends.

Beginning with a delivery of French bread!

Yes, I will be back . . . on the first Friday of November with a bite of French bread.

I’m thinking it will be chocolate.

Something sweet . . . something decadent . . . something that dreams are made of.

w / L



  1. Lynne, it was so much fun to meet you in person… You were exactly how I thought you would be based on how you present yourself on your blog… Adorable! Happy Blogiversary my friend! Ciao bella, until we meet again… XOXO
    By the way, I am happy that you are blogging more / again…

  2. Congratulations on your blogiversary! I understand your feelings. Blogging continually changes and you have to just make it what you would like it to be. I still love it so much because of the connections with others. Just had lunch today with four blogging friends…that’s what it’s about. 🙂

  3. Lynne,
    Joyeux anniversaire mon ami! You have been one of the amazing, talented, creative, supportive friends to me and my blog from the very beginning of Botanic Bleu. Merci for you and your friendship. One day… Seattle, or Dallas, or PARIS, we shall meet in person. 😊


  4. I saw your post on Instagram, but when I went to your post on my blog roll, I saw that you hadn’t posted in 8 months. Now I understand why I wasn’t seeing your posts. I’ve added the new blog to my sidebar.

    Isn’t it fun to actually meet some of the blogging and IG people we know so well!

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