Local Brilliance . . . Secret Suppers

Hello Beautifuls!

First of all, thank you for all of your Blogiversary wishes!

I said I would be back on the first Friday of November . . . but the spontaneous in me has me popping back onto 34 to share a little local brilliance with you this morn.

I added a new category on my sidebar called “Secret Suppers”.

There is nothing but beauty to share on the two websites I feature today.  I encourage you to brew fresh cup or pour glass of your best red or favorite white and linger for awhile with Christiann and Eva.

When you think of a fruit from the Pacific Northwest, you likely think “apple”.  With that said, I must share a recipe from “Adventures In Cooking” with you.

:: Eva’s Carmel Apple Upside Down Cake ::

While you sip . . . I encourage you to view Eva’s “about me” video.  In times like we are living in now, destinations like this deliver serenity to me.  She seeks and shares connection with food.


I’m not a big fiction reader.  I adore biographies, cookbooks, poetry, fashion and interior design. By far my largest collection of books resides in my kitchen.  Eva’s video brings my affinity for collecting cookbooks full circle.  They bring me clarity and calm.

I am going to place her new book on my Christmas List. She shared her recipe for Blood Orange Roast Chicken when she launched her book October 4th.




“The best food doesn’t come from the best cooks. The best food comes from the best people . . . people who love to eat.” – Eva Kosmas Flores

Now . . . Christiann.

Ebb & Flow . . .


A secret supper can be staged anywhere . . .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My gosh . . . with a bit of planning and artful innovation . . . you need not an oven or a stove.  Could my cookware be tired of hanging around in the kitchen?   Would it be too cliché for me to whisper moveable feast?

:: Christiann Koepke – Gallery of Secret Suppers ::

This muse has me yearning to turn it upside down in the kitchen this weekend!

Planning to put on Pandora,  plaid flannel, denim and sweater socks!

Oh . . . and Go Cougs and Hawks!





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