Hello November !



Helloooooooooooooo beautifuls!

I don’t know about you . . . but November 1st is a deep breath day for me.

I have set a few goals with my plans for this month.  ( This is not the year to drift off course.)

Ooops . . . just a sec . . . the alarm went off on the washer . . . got to get the clothes into the dryer.

I’m back . . . Let’s go.


1. Return my name to top attendance at Curves. ( I fell of the bandwagon in October.)

I know the image above has appeared here before. I needed it for another reminder of where I wish to be this time next year. (Lynne! You are not going to achieve this level of “chic” unless you get your “bottom” to the gym 24 times a month!)


2.Complete this simple 30 day organizational challenge from A Bowl Full OF Lemons.

kiddos 2.jpg

3. Feed my “grandma” and “mom” self.

Watch over all three “Grands” for a weekend. ( Jason and Chrislyn’s first get a way since Cam arrived.)  Cameron, just weaned is “Momma’s girl“.  I am over the moon excited about this time with the kiddos . . . but I wouldn’t be fibbing if I said I could use a little luck and a prayer at bedtime.

Send a little Thanksgiving surprise package to Jay and Camille.


4. Feed my “artful” self.  I enrolled in a brush stroke lettering class. ( This skill will be fun to apply as we plan and prepare for Jay and Camille’s wedding next Summer.)

5. Spend some much needed time with friends who I haven’t seen for awhile.

6. Paint the hall bath “white”!

7. Put on winter white wooly socks . . . paint on a masque . . . make a “hot toddy” and watch “The Holiday” ( Checkin’ this one twice. . . with “The Bisop’s Wife”!)

8. Take a photo of my funky “Autumn”chandelier and share it here.

9. Embrace GRATITUDE every day . . . celebrate T H A N K S G I V I N G !

10. Address our Christmas cards to be mailed the first day of December. ( That accomplishment in itself will be a feat . . . I have been bad at card giving since the nest emptied and facebook.)  I am going to confess . . . I will be addressing cards I purchased last year.

Close my eyes.


( Yes, I organized and purged shoes this morning, you bowl full of lemons , day one! )

E X H A L E  and dig into living November!

w / L


  1. * This may be a duplicate …
    Thanks for this post and sharing bowlfulloflemons 20 bag purge. Fell off the wagon at the election. Today I recommit and tackle the refrigerator. Another step forward. Thank for sharing all on your blog.

  2. Well, I too started the 3- bag purge but since the election, have not returned. Today I recommit and tackle the refrigerator. Another step forward! Thanks for sharing on your blog.

  3. Oh Lynne this post was encouraging I am here with you on all 10, I did number 7 already and have watched the holiday twice now, been wanting to give the main bathroom a fresh coat of white paint, and get this body ready for the holidays.
    Love your inspiring photos and that black coat and those sling back shoes are totally me and my style.

    See you and your all together bod soon
    Mind, body, spirit to you my dear.


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