Hello GRATITUDE . . . where I am today . . . gifted and renewed.

H e l l o   B e a u t i f u l s !


{ I can’t get enough of this image . . . if it’s yours, do tell! }

Next week!


T h a n k s g i v i n g . . .

(Chrislyn and Jason are hosting. Mr. D and I will be shopping for our contributions tonight. We are going to the Safeway on Proctor. Did you know if you spend a $100 at Safeway, you can choose a free turkey up to 25 pounds?)

. . . and a FOUR day weekend!

I am sooooo  jazzzzzzed about next week!


It’s Friday!  Cheers to a week “well done”!

{ . . . having little slice of favorite from my mood board as I write.}

Tomorrow I take my brush lettering class. If photographs are permitted, I will share my experience next week.

After lettering, I will head back to 34, or a sports bar to watch the “Cougs” play Colorado.  ( We have two “kick bottom” weekends of Cougar football ahead of us. )  Next week is The Apple Cup, a rival game that is most times revered higher than a post season bowl game.

At the same time I enrolled in the brush lettering class at Paper Delights in Seahurst, I found a course via Jeanne Oliver!


( I love Jeanne’s network.  Her classes are reasonably priced and perpetually renewing and rewarding. )


This. Course. Love.

:: House 214 Design :

Melinda’s course is much more than home décor. Her “Feel Home” philosophy has enlightened me. Her course confirmed I was trying to take 34 to a place it could never go, naturally.  Her philosophy has gifted me a renewed sense of composure and direction. The composure and direction gained from this course has also grounded me inside.  I don’t know how else to explain it . . . I am so much more content than I was.

It shall be lovely to greet this season of holidays renewed and composed.

To dearest Melinda . . . I have a simple, yet very special plan for your mother’s coffee cake on 34th Street.

To my readers/friends . . . Thank you for your encouraging words and perpetual inspiration.

I feel well blessed and warmly wrapped inside this month of gratitude awareness!



  1. This just all sounds like so much fun! I don’t feel like I’m a naturally creative person but I’ve taken a couple of Jeanne’s classes and loved them. Glad you reminded me about those.

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. 🙂

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