My journey to “a local brilliance”, with a little nostalgia along the way. . .

Hellooooo   Bea. . . u . . . ti . . . fuls!

One of the things I LOVE about blogging is when you share shops, fairs, restaurants and the special places you go near where you live.  It allows me to travel and be inspired in my pj’s!

I hope to bring you to some of the places I love to visit for inspiration near 34th street in the Pacific Northwest of America with my “Local Brilliance” posts.

Last Saturday,  I took the “brush lettering” class I have been telling you about.

Paper Delights has two locations.  Wallingford in Seattle, and Seahurst, which is about 18 miles north of 34.

Mr D and I lived in this neighborhood for about two years after we returned from his time serving in the Army. (Back in the days of the draft.)  The community is small, quaint and provokes a sweet notion of nostalgia every time I return.

I drove by Lake Burien . . . where the retired art teacher, Mr. Simpson, who printed our wedding invitations once lived. ( I am quite sure he has passed.)  Where my favorite  and cherished (family practice) physician, Dr. G. lives, now into his late 80’s ( Gosh, counting . . . he may even be 90 by now.). He saved my little brother’s life, made house calls when we were sick as children, and brought Chrislyn and Jay into this world. One of my favorite memories is when he read a Vogue Magazine with me while I was in labor with Chrislyn. My hospital bed was filled with fashion magazines. ( I was buyer of fashion jewelry for Frederick & Nelson a division of Marshall Field & Co, carriage trade stores based in Seattle at that time.) His attentiveness was driven by his concern about the progress of my labor. I would eventually deliver her C-Section a day later.

I passed the shop, once an art gallery, where I painted graphics on the windows to earn original art for our home.

unique bridal boutique.jpg

I passed the jewelry designer who made earrings, interpreting the style of each one of Chrislyn’s bridesmaids. She also made Chrislyn’s headband out of antique lace and tiny semi precious stones and crystals.


I passed Pearls And Lace where she chose her wedding gown.

Good memories . . . the kind that rekindle my heart and soul.  Somehow, this community always calls me back.

Across from Pearls And Lace is a tiny little shopping center . . .

. . . which holds “Paper Delights”.

the Holiday.jpg

. . . you know that phrase from “the Holiday”?

. . . a meet cute? 


. . . uh huh . . . ya baby!

Behind the doorway framed with rolls of wrapping paper is a class room.


Yep!  Cute as a button!

Very Kate Spade-esque!

The class began at 10am.  I was first to arrive. Alicia greeted me and offered me a Mimosa, saying . . . ” Coffee isn’t the beverage for brush calligraphy, the secret is a choosing a beverage that will allow you to relax.”   Since I was driving . . . I had only one.  It’s no secret that I love Champagne!

The class gifted two hours of instruction relaxation.


I highly encourage trying this little practice of art for “self-care”.  It’s truly a form of meditation. The secret is “practice”.  I plan to share more about this lettering journey of mine in future posts, including the “tools of the trade”, the befores’ and after practice, and some sites to guide and encourage as I go.

I won’t likely be back on the blog before Thanksgiving . . .

I wish you all a day gifted in blessings. From what I have been seeing in Blogland of late, new babies, weddings, walks on the beach, beautifully styled tables and travels with cherished family and friends . . . we are all truly blessed!



  1. Wishing you a beautiful Holiday Season.
    It has been a while since my last visit,
    congratulations your new grandbaby is a cutie.
    Linda C in Seattle

    1. Linda! How wonderful to see your name pop up! I hope all is well with you and your sweet Cinnamon! I was having so much trouble with my Google blog, I switched to WordPress last winter. In the transition I lost a few contacts and readers. I am so happy to reconnect with you!
      Wishing you a blessed Holiday!

  2. Loved walking through memory lane with you, your long labor sounded like mine way back when.
    I love Seattle and your history is nothing short of exciting. The art class looks like fun and perhaps someday I will try my hand at it again.

    A beautifully inspiring weekend to you my dear.


  3. Sweet memories you share Lynne… lovely! Can’t wait to see your artistic calligraphy … I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving… next stop, Christmas… WOW, can you believe it ???

  4. Lynne,
    Memories… we are all truly blessed. Your class sounds like one I would love to take, and I will watching for peeks on your blog of your progress.

    Happy Thanksgiving,


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