French bread on Friday . . .

Hello Beautifuls!

Happy 2017!

I hope to blog more in this year.   I have missed writing so.  Ever since I left “blogger”, it just hasn’t been the same.  It’s even difficult to leave comments when I visit some of your sites, as I am sort of considered a virtual outsider.

I do love Instagram.  I call it my “in and out” gallery of inspiration and hugs!

As I ease back into the groove, I thought it was most appropriate to begin with  a “FboF” post.

ysl 2.jpg

On New Year’s Eve, Chrislyn, Holland and I drove to Seattle to visit the YSL exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum.

ysl 3.jpg

“Miss H” has indicated that she wishes to be a designer of fashion.

ysl 4.jpg

The exhibit began with paper dolls.  Do you see the two piece ensemble near Holland’s hand?  My mother knocked this off for our “mother – daughter” Easter statement around 1959 – 60.  She knocked it to a “T” . . . including the flower crown hat. I am going to search for that Kodachrome moment in time and frame it side by side with this image. To say that I was emotional, is an understatement.

He was such an influence in my life.  I remember going pattern shopping with my mother, expressly seeking YSL.

. . . his “shifts” with my “go – go” boots!

Hello Mondrian in “real life”!

I wanted to touch that revolutionary “wool knit wonder” so bad!


. . . and hold the weight of that “mondo pink bow”!


. . . and embrace the “peasant” that I loved so much . . . and still do.

I wish I could share “there was so much more“, but it’s now time to set out to the clinic!



Before I go . . .

ysl 7.jpg

Back in the late 70’s and the 80’s, I bought fashion jewelry for Frederick & Nelson, a division of Marshall Field & Co. Yves Saint Laurent filled a case in my designer jewelry bay.  I helped accessorize our International Fashion Shows in The Tea Room.  To think that I had the opportunity to return to those moments in time with my daughter and granddaughter was the icing on the cake for 2016.  ( To remember I was carrying Chrislyn inside for some of those moments, reminds me how blessed I am in this life.)

It was a lovely day that afforded me something wonderful to share with you on this first post in this brand new year!


Thank you to all who have not given up on me. I am also blessed with the dearest blog friends.




  1. Look at those beautiful smiles. How our world can use more of those.
    YSL brings back so many memories. I’ve missed visiting. I must admit 2016 was not too kind to me. “Ever since I left “blogger”, it just hasn’t been the same.” I know exactly what you mean. I thought I’d never open comments again but I’m trying. I think much has changed in the blogging world even on blogger though.
    Good to visit.
    Happiest and healthiest 2017 to you and yours, L.

  2. Lynne, Cute post to start the New Year! What a fun girl’s day in the city! I love Yves Saint Laurent’s designs!!
    Thanks for sharing! Happy 2017 ♥
    Hugs, Jody

  3. Oh, seeing the sewing patterns reminds me of my dear mom, Lynne. She made most of my clothes growing up. And would you believe I designed many of them? This fashion exhibit sounds exciting. And Holland looks so cute checking out the paper dolls. I used to love them…..STILL DO! The Yves Saint Laurent quote is so true, and look at that red dress, wow!

    love, ~Sheri

  4. Lynne,
    What beautiful girls! Of course, your granddaughter inherited the designer gene from you. You have such an incredible interesting, rich life, from your early years in the design world to now with your wonderful family. Love FBOF,


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