Seed Shopping . . .

This morning I woke with thoughts of this year’s flower garden to be.  Perhaps it was the image of these strawflowers last night before I went to bed.  The apricot to orange hues of the flowers transported my thoughts to warmer days ahead, and set my creative mind in motion.


I “caved”.

On the way to 34th street are Strawflowers. . . Apricot Mix via Floret Flower Farm .

I visualize them dried and tucked here and there around the house for late Summer into Fall house dressing.  They can be gift embellishments. Gosh . . . lovely strung onto natural twine.

Erin’s site inspires me.

Teaches me.

How to Grow
Start seed indoors in trays 6 weeks before last frost. Seed requires light to germinate so do not cover. Bottom water until seedlings emerge. Transplant out after all danger of frost has passed.

6 weeks before the last frost . . . a reminder we are nearly half way to the next season.

Feelin’ warmer already.

w / L

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jody Gabara says:

    Morning Lynne! I love these apricot strawflowers! Thanks for the link, I’m going right now to order some ♥

    1. Jody, you are going to LOVE Erin’s site! Your garden inspires me, too!
      ~ w / L

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