A yarn about . . . Koel Stories & Koel Magazine.

Hello. . . beautifuls . . . hello!

This post is really not likely to be considered a “yarn”, as it is intended to be short and sweet!

I hope you are well and warm.  Winter 2016-17 has been a tough row to hoe in many places. It has warmed up here on 34th street. The rains have been heavy and hard. I am hoping the ground has softened up enough for a little garden bed maintenance this coming weekend.

A few years ago my mother knit some white cotton dish cloths for me. They are now nearly worn beyond use. I am planning to pick up a few skeins of white cotton yarn at a local craft store this weekend with effort to replace them.

koel 2.jpg
Koel Magazine

With my simple knitting plans imprinted into my brain,  I was diverted away from Tumblr and led to this très inspirant site for today’s share the muse.

Koel Stories – A New Standard For Yarn And Crafting – Instagram

( . . . thinking my valentines could be hearts of gold this year!)

I hope you enjoy!

w / L


  1. I’ve always thought it was such a talent when one could knit or crochet. The gold hearts would be nice for Valentine’s Day this year, Lynne. I hope you continue to knit, it’s such a lovely and creative hobby.


  2. Hi Lynne, Thanks for all the inspiration from this post! I have crocheted in the past and want to do some more projects. Love the beautiful photos of what you’re making. You’re so creative ♥ Hugs, Jody

  3. Oh, I LOVE that gold and brown. Gorgeous. My mom knits beautifully but hasn’t done so in many years. After caring full-time for my dad through his battle with Alzheimer’s for almost two decades, all she wants to do now (80 this year) is go out with her socialite girlfriends. 🙂 She deserves every bit of it…but I do miss her knitting.

  4. Lynne,
    Always a pick-me-up to visit… love the big knitting needles, the gold thread knitted with the bulky brown, the gold heart, the white star….


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