Clean Mama : “Every Day A Little Something”. . . May God bless you Becky!

My mantra for 2017 is . . . “Simplify and Savor”!

This may sound bizarre, but the light did not truly go on inside my brain until I sat down to Christmas dinner!

It was the best Christmas dinner EVER!

Mr D and I worked it together!    but . . .this year was different.

Last year there was so much food.

The salad bowl was barely touched.

This year . . .

Individual plated greens were served . . . tossed in this . . . I promise, “winter blend”,  to die for combo.

It may sound easy – cheesie . . . and it is . . . For over twenty years, the number one requested Christmas side on 34 is my rendition of broccoli casserole. For Christmas 2016,  I baked it in two casserole dishes one for each end of the table, and served the potatoes the same “twinned” fashion, so minimum passing was required.

The Prime Rib and Mr D’s  flat carving cut ham from our smoker, ( glazed and topped with roasted apricots) . . . were sliced and set center stage.

Two meats, two sides and a simple salad . . .

. . . the compliments were woven between the bites and the dinner conversation.

( I whispered to my self . . . “Keep it simple works, Lynne.” )

With my mantra in full swing, I edited the Christmas boxes to a solid “4” this year . . . no stragglers  . . . the now four is inclusive of the two that hold the Christmas Village!

” Every Day A Little Something”


The quote in today’s post title and the images in the post are from Becky at “Clean Mama”!  She has placed me back on track with my homekeeping.  ( I am easily distracted from housework.)  I follow her “dailies” on Instagram and have adapted her monthly cleaning calendar to my planner. Most of her tools are complimentary.

best of all . . . I accomplish my “every day a little something” before I leave for the clinic.

. . . some mornings with allowed time to “Share The Muse” with all of you.

[Write it down : “Simplify & Savor”, Clean Mama –  “Every Day A Little Something” . . .]

The journey continues . . .

Thank you, Becky.

Have an amazing Tuesday, beautifuls!



  1. Lynne,
    Becky’s routine looks doable. And her graphics are adorable. I’m working on decluttering, but it is slow going.


  2. Happy Tuesday Lynne😊
    This is a great post especially for January. After putting away my Christmas things I realized how many things I have collected in my lifetime. We’ve been at this house 23 years and have never moved. I’m trying to simplify my life but it is hard when everything I own I love. My mother was a garage sale queen. She taught me well. With the kids being home at Christmas they told me, mom it’s time to let things go. I am trying every week to do that. Thank you Lynn for this inspirational post! By the way I ordered some seeds from Floret Flowers and got them today. I can’t wait to plant them in the garden. Hugs 💜Jody

  3. Oh my, that dinner menu sounds PERFECT. YUM.
    Simplifying is lifesaving. Took our Christmas bins down from seven to one when we moved, and we’re still in transition so it helps a lot. This transition thing is a lot more stressful than I ever imagined. The journey continues indeed. Love these tips.

    1. We have lived in our home since 1979. I have always said . . . on a Summer weekend . . . we should pretend like we are moving . . . pack it all in a UHaul . . . drive around the block . . . and move back in! LOL

  4. The idea of serving two of each makes so much sense. I love your thinking…truly I do. Simplifying is on my list too. Moving and living in a tiny rent house right now has made me realize we have too much stuff, paperwork, etc.

  5. Keeping it simple truly DOES work, Lynne. I love your story about repeating the mantra to yourself. Powerful! I’ll have to check out Becky’s tips. Now that I’m retired/reinventing my life I’ve taken on the household cleaning again. I’ve found a good cleaning is excellent cardio! 😉
    Have fabulous day!

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