Start somewhere . . .

Hello bea . . . u . . . ti . . . fuls!

Happy February one!

From my Pinterest board “Creating A Timeless Feeling” inspired by Melinda @house214design.

We have lived on 34 for 37 years.

I have too much . . . “a collection of a lifetime”.

Much of it hidden, stashed . . . not utilized.

. . . in the middle of little book by Erin Loechner.  Her story validates some feelings residing in me as I approach a new chapter in my life, enabling me to embrace where I am and where I am going from different perspective. Erin marries Ken, knowing he has a brain tumor (glioma) with a median prognoses of surviving 11.6 to 16.3 years.

From my Pinterest board “Creating A Timeless Feeling”.

Please do not take this in a negative context . . . but turning 65 this month has me thinking . . . praying more about my mortality.

“Dear God, a 16.7 year survival would be a blessing!”

I have only a certain amount of time to immerse myself in my life’s passions.  There is no time to waste. Each moment in time must have a purpose . . . a productive result.

My simple, imperfect approach to blogging has been a wonderful journey for me.  Like Erin, it started as a diversion for me. (The empty nest . . . a lesser than most encounter with breast cancer.)

It was one year ago, when I moved to WordPress.  My blogging slowed down to a near halt. I kept questioning myself . . . “Were my posts becoming redundant?”  “Is the art of blogging slowing . . . ending?”  “Is this vehicle of expression consuming too much of my time?” “Has 34 lost it’s purpose?”

The answer to “Will I miss my blog friends?” was the easiest answer of all of my questions.

Yes, I will!

“Should I continue this journey?”

One Sunday morning . . . atop the antique Alabama farm table on 34 . . . when the first light of the day met the candlelight.

Dreams On 34th Street is my journey to becoming an “everyday stylist”, by taking stock, gathering, editing, renewing and rearranging  ” a collection of a lifetime” . . . with an occasional serving of French bread and family.

“She styled her collection of a lifetime with Love!”

Off to address one of my largest, most difficult to edit collections!

My pounds!




  1. Hello dear Lynne,
    I caught this post on my phone awhile back and wanted to be certain to stop by and comment. I am simply SO excited for you as you approach this entirely new chapter of life in your retirement. Having gone through an early retirement/reinvention of a career this year, I can promise you that the fresh breezes of freedom are in your future. I still pinch myself that I have such flexibility in my days now. I’m very busy with my new travel business- but it is all at my pace. I can work from my sweet little home office in my jammies with coffee if I choose. I have donated at least 1/2 of my work clothes and kept only what I love. Sweet freedom, Lynne, …YOU are going to love it!

    Congrats on the 5 lbs down!! One of the best things about having TIME is that it is much easier to carve out time for self-care. I’ve recently gotten back into Pilates and it has changed my world–again.

    As for blogging, I just hit my 5 year anniversary. I feel that blogging has changed over time and I find myself drawn to my genuine connections, like you. I’m expanding the travel sections of my blog and I’m enjoying that focus-it’s such a passion of mine. I always feel like I’m sitting down to cup a tea with you when I stop by–love that!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!
    xx, Heather

  2. Lynne, I love your blog! It’s like a breath of fresh air! As you know I turned 65 last year, it is a turning part of my life. But, I feel there’s so many things I want to try and do. I love stopping by and being inspired by your words and photos. Keep it up!! Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Jody

  3. Lynne,
    All my working life I owned at most 2 pairs of jeans at a time that I only wore to work in the yard or when walking in the woods. Even though many teachers wore jeans while teaching, I always dressed up, including heels. I always wanted everyone who entered my room to recognize immediately who was the teacher because I believe we send subtle messages by our clothing. Now that I am retired, I wear jeans almost every day, including with some heels when I go shopping or for lunch with friends. As you can see, your second photo struck a chord with me. 🙂

    I always find a breath of fresh air at your site and look forward to seeing what you are thinking. Thank you so much for your lovely, encouraging comments on Botanic Bleu. They always uplift me as I question whether or not my blog posts offer value to readers.

    Have a wonderful weekend,


    1. I completely agree with professional dress, though I live in the casual “grunge” atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest. Teachers have been casual here since the 60’s. My attire is always professional. Most of my younger work associates purvey a more casual business vibe. Sometimes the patients mistake me for a physician. Although the lack of “the white coat” should be a dead giveaway . . . ( forgive the word dead ).
      Texas is center stage tomorrow. I know it will be amazing. Such pride in your state!

  4. Yes, every blog is different, and we all blog for various reasons, so just do what makes you happy. What a wonderful age, 65. You have continued to be here with me during this blogging journey for about 6 years, and I can’t imagine not visiting you every now and then and seeing your delightful posts.

    love, ~Sheri

    ps I have a wedding to go to in a couple months, so I’m with you on losing a few pounds, no fun.

  5. Oh my, that first image is calling me …sit, rest, breathe, LIVE.
    I second everything Doré commented. I sure hope you don’t leave for full-time IG. I look forward to our visits here, just so much more personal. I actually click over to each blog in my feed, to read the fresh post and to look at the current decor/page format. So much nicer than scrolling down an endless newsfeed of much too small pics …and TMI. I go off on all sorts of creative impulses with my page, (including blog titles, can’t resist), but always return to simplicity.

    Keep blogging, yes, yes! Wouldn’t be the same without you.

  6. Lynne Happy Birthday next month, as for that black wrap around coat I wish I could find one just like this one, I would have to wear it even in the summer that’s how crazy I am over it. I also think I have seen you post it before and felt this is so me!

    Just a few years behind you, I too am taking a look at all my blessings and embracing all my joys. Keep blogging for what ever reason you blog for. I started blogging partial empty nest, and in sorts it was a diversion from the falling economy 2009 and I found it a place to escape to between the gap of jobs.
    The friends we make are treasured and always though of with fond sentiment. I hope you are not discouraged and leave blogging to throw yourself into the popular Instgram like so many including myself, but blogging will always be my home, a place that one can rest their heart on as well as inspire or encourage. Best of all visit here with you to enjoy your French bread.

    Lovely post, always inspired here with you….keep blogging it’s wonderful writting.



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