Saturday “Shelfie”!

Photo by Tony Vu

Hello Beautifuls!

Remember I left you with talk of . . . editing pounds?

Well . . . I am down 5 since Christmas.  (No bragging ’til I hit 10.)

Fueled by this positive loss, I thought . . .  why not purge a little more? So . . . the plan for the weekend is . . . 5 bags/boxes to go outta here!    . . . and as soon as I finish here . . . ( it’s 7am ) . . . a work out and two bags/boxes to go!

Hmmmm, does that make it a cool 10?

( Not to brag! )

The challenge of the weekend is . . . tonight’s yearly fundraiser for the children’s hospital crab feed and tomorrow’s Super Bowl Sunday.  ( I am already getting my mental game on . . . > crab than carbs . . . and bring the wings and crudité to The Game Place.)

So here you have it! My new Saturday feature . . .

A positive loss . . .

> crab than carbs . . .

Bring. The. Wings.

A Saturday Morning Shelfie!

The place where you will find a cool shelf, a little bit about this self or may even a feature about your – self!

Open “selfing” is so “in”!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Oh, LYNN!!! I have missed you and wondered where you were!!! I’m so glad to find you again! I can’t seem to find a follow button other than by email so I will do it that way! SO happy to see you!!

  2. Good for you, Lynne. It’s hard to lose weight, and that’s great that you’ve already lost 5 pounds! I would love to have those shelves in my kitchen, very cool. And that’s great that you gave away so many bags last weekend. I want to do the same. Thanks for inspiring. : )

    love ~Sheri

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