Saturday “Shelfie” !

Happy weekend!

It’s a THREE DAY for Mr. D and me.

Today is the icing on the cake to a week that included my birthday.

The kids are bringing me breakfast . . . donuts from Chucks and an egg-bake . . .

. . . cannot wait!

Part A?


Looking at it this way . . .

Next year . . . at this time . . . a promotion . . .

. . . from ” weekday care facilitator” to full-time “stylist of living”!

The word “retirement” is not in my DNA.

This week’s “shelfie” . . .

. . . is adorable!


The image shamed me a bit, as The Chocolate Gousse’s place setting is sweet but not nearly as chic as Finn’s.


Finn belongs to Sara Gibson at Room For Tuesday.  I was introduced to Sara via Melinda at House 214 Design.

The shelf detail reminded me of my grandparent’s home.

The last time I was in my grandmother’s house was 30 years ago.

However . . .

grandma's 3.jpg

Recently Grandma and Grandpa Bozzello’s home was on the market.

I found images on Zillow.


I made a board and pinned.  I apologize about the quality of the photographs, but you can grasp the idea about the shelf / room dividers, I remember.  Grandma kept pretty plants on the shelves. She was a master gardener, inside and out. Most of her camellias, rhododendrons and various rockery plants are still alive and thriving.


We would B-line through the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and into the pantry . . .

. . . straight to her Lustro Ware cookie jar.  It was ALWAYS full!


(Sadly, the pantry is gone.)

Thank you, Zillow for taking me back to grandma’s.  I encourage you to visit Zillow.  Enter an address from your past . . . you might find wealth of memories waiting for you!



  1. Hi Lynne, I’m wishing you another Happy Birthday wish full of fun filled excitement!! I loved hearing about your day with your family and your grandparents house looks so beautiful with all the wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing. I’m heading your way tomorrow for the Northwest Flower & Garden Show again. I can’t believe it’s been a year since Stan and I went. I’ll be thinking of you and looking for your son on the sports channel!! Hugs, Jody ♥

    1. Jody!

      ( I am unable to leave comments on your blog as it only accepts Google and I am now WordPress. I have a couple blog friends that I run into this problem with so I generally leave comments on their Instagram . . . which is where I will go next . . .)

      Your post of 2-21-17 inspires me so!

      I cannot wait until we have a clear day so I may go out and work in our back yard. We still have intermittent snow in our forecasts.

      How darling is your garden shed!!!!

      I wish you safe travels to The NW Garden Show.

      You will not see Jay on TV here. He is sports director at KTVB and on ESPN Radio in Boise. I miss him and wish he and Camille were closer, but Boise is a delightful place to live and homes are much more affordable. Mr D and I have entertained the idea of moving there after retirement, if he and Camille are still living there.

      While I am on the subject of retirement, I would love to visit San Diego and have lunch or dinner with you and Mary one day. ( I really do have this on my bucket list!)


  2. Happy birthday, L. I mistakenly thought it was this week (feb 23rd…our anniversary). Well, we share the month! 😉
    Love your grandparents’ home, so warm and inviting.
    On my way to Room for Tuesday. Who could resist Finn? …and that place setting. ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Lynne,
    Happy birthday and many more… The count down begins to full-time stylist of living. 🙂 The shelfie is adorable with all the doggies. Are my eyes deceiving me, but Finn doesn’t look like the same breed as all the doggie accessories. Is there a back story? Is Finn a new doggy that replaced a previous doggy that looked like all the doggy accessories?

    Happy 3-day weekend. I remember looking forward to all the little holidays scattered throughout the year. Now everyday is a holiday. 🙂


  4. Happy Birthday Lynne! I hope that it was wonderful and that it will continue for as long as you want to celebrate! How fun to see your Grandparents home after so long… lovely memories. Enjoy your 3 day weekend with your family!

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