Revenir à . . . French bread on Friday . . .

Bonjour beautifuls!

I am feeling a little frilly silly “poetic” today . . .

( Some days words just want to play. )

NYMag – Street Style Paris January 2017

I have a little obsession with printed ribbon.

collecting ribbons.jpg
NYMag – Street Style Paris January 2017.

Particularly ribbon with French words.

ribbon story.jpg

Wrapped in finger – figure – eights  by me . . . for a purpose . . . what shall be?

For a time when a dream unfurls a creative notion inside of me.

Shall I wrap and weave it through my granddaughter’s silken hair?

Or lace it through the eyes of a blank white canvas to make a prettier pair.

I could tie one on my coffee mug coffee mug to make a morning bright.

Or wrap a parcel of lavender to tuck beneath my pillow tonight.

Find a ribbon.

Tie it on . . . twirl it . . . curl it

. . . or just let it . . . “hang loose”. . .

How is it that my words have moved me from French designer dreams . . . to Hawaii’s surf culture?

( A world class vacation in an instant! )

. . . and some people think blogging is a waste of time.

I LOVE the places my words and your words take me!

The time has come for  . . . Off to the shower and the clinic!

They will say “Hey Lynne!”

“How are you doing this morning?”

I will say . . . “TGIF!”

. . . all the while smiling and thinking.

NYMag – Street Style Paris January 2017.

Grabbed a Chanel.

Caught a wave.

Bon weekend, surfer girls!


♥ Alexa! Play “Surfer Girl” by Brian Wilson!


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