Taking stock . . .

real not perfect
:: Jenny Highsmith Calligraphy ::

Hello beautifuls!

It’s the first real “sunny and clear” morning of Spring 2017 in the Pacific Northwest of America.

A day when you open the blinds and the word “unbelievable” fills your mind.

I am easing myself back into blogging.

(I may have fallen out of blog love for a while.)

A limping laptop.

Guilt as in  . . . I should be spending more time cleaning . . . moving.

Perhaps a bit overwhelmed with . . . there is so much out there . . . and . . . I cannot always keep up with my visits, comments and reciprocals.


Last Sunday, Mr D and I were driving and reflecting.  We saw a something . . . ( I can’t even remember what it was ) . . . whatever it was . . . it was way beyond our means.  His silence . . . ( I knew what he was thinking ) . . .

What I do remember were my words of consolation to him.  “It’s our wildest dreams that have given us what we cherish today.”

Then I thought of a quote by Carl Sandberg.

“Nothing happens until at first we dream!” 

There is no harm in dreaming big.

. . . and it is no secret that dreams are contagious.

They can spread like wildfire!

I thought about starting over . . .  changing the name of my blog.

Then I thought . . .


I write from a place filled with dreams.

A place where so many dreams have come true.

A place where Mr. D and I have propelled two amazing “American Dreams”  into the world who have multiplied into seven – so – far!

“Dreams On 34th Street!”

34 is not perfection.

It’s a little place on a very “funky mix match street” where when you open the door . . . your likely to get hit by a dream.

I’m back.

More often.

Real not perfect.

“Who let the dreams out?”

Me . . . and YOU too!

w / L


  1. Oh boy, I can relate to this post on many levels! Restart my blog? Rename my blog? Start a new phase in my life? Start a new career? Downsize? Sell the farm? ……….I’m definitely lost in dreaming mode at the moment. Amicalement, Elizabeth

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