Do you want to build a tool box?


Rester simple. ⇔ Keep. It. Simple.

Hello beautifuls!   Our laptop has been back from repair for a little over a week. Sadly, the hard drive needed to be replaced, so Mr D has been working to get it up to speed once again. Fortunately we had purchased it only 6 months ago, so we didn’t lose too much. Unfortunately . . . it only performed six months before malfunctioning.  As I stated in a previous post, this will be our last Dell computer. If Mr D had not purchased an additional maintenance plan, we would be out hundreds of dollars right now.


Done ranting.

The good in all of this is . . .

. . . during its absence we finally bit the bullet and purchased iPhones. The phones were a good distraction.

I have a confession, while the computer was malfunctioning and gone, I began listening to podcasts on my new phone.  ( I have been craving a little direction. )

The BIG news is . . .



Shower 1

Tonight, after work, I will be heading to SEA-TAC to catch a flight to Boise.  Camille’s family shower is tomorrow.  After the shower, I have a final meeting for the rehearsal dinner, and will pop into the hotel where all of our guests are staying.  On Sunday, Camille’s mom, Stephanie and I will hang out and do “wedding stuff”, as Camille has to work. I fly home Sunday night.


Jay and I will cross paths.  He and a crew are driving to Seattle today.  The Regional Emmy Awards are tomorrow night.  He’s up for three Emmy’s this year.  ( I just had to say something . . . I’m a proud mom. )

He will be home with Mr D and I for a few days before he departs with his buddies to Chicago. It should be no surprise to those of you who have read me for a while . . . His bachelor weekend is going to be centered at Wrigley Field.

With so much on my plate, and . . . to refrain from being entirely overwhelmed, I put together a little tool box of faith, mind, spirit, family, self-care and fashion.  I keep it on my mirrior in my bathroom, and on the front page of my current journal.

:: Summer Toolbox ::

  1. Prayer :: Good intentions
  2. Mr D.
  3. Family
  4. Exercise :: 6am – 4 days a week.
  5. Good for me us food :: Meal planning
  6. Water . . . more water!
  7. Keep the layered “Bob” with bangs :: Moroccan oil
  8. Lipstick :: Lashes :: Blush :: Bronzer
  9. Dry brush ::  First Aid Beauty :: Radiance oil
  10. Fragrance: J’Adore, right now.
  11. Favorite jeans :: old blue . . . add white.
  12. A crisp white blouse or . . . a pop on of anything light-linen or bohemian.
  13. Anything “maxi” right now!
  14. Painted toes / slip ons
  15. Work :: Read :: Learn :: Create
  16. Make the homefront clean and pretty.
  17. A good night’s sleep :: every hour before midnight = 2.

Writing things down helps me as I age.  Sadly notions and thoughts slip from my mind more often than before.

I wish you a happy weekend!

Got to go! I need to pack!

To the clinic and to Boise!



  1. So much good stuff going on for you Lynne, your weekend sounds like lots of fun! I know you have been looking forward to this wedding for a long time. 30 days will be here before you know it and I’m sure it will be gorgeous . Enjoy everything! Congratulations to Jay … and you proud mama ! 🙂

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