Back from Boise!

Hello . . . B e a u t i f u l s !

Happy Tuesday!

Back from Boise

I am back from Boise! ( When I arrived, it was 30 days until WEDDING DAY!)


Jay and his father in law to be had just finished installing a sprinkler system and sod. Since Jay and I crossed paths, ( he now home on the coast for a few days), I captured an image of his new back lawn in full sprinkler mode and texted it to him. Their new home is beautiful.  The workmanship is lovely.

The trend in new urban sprawl construction brings larger homes on standard lots, so yards are smaller. As you can see, a new foundation is being poured close behind. A trend I am quite envious of . . . ?   COVERED PATIOS!   I hope to share more images of their new home when we travel back for the wedding.

. . . and speaking of  The Wedding!

The main reason I was in Boise was to attend Camille’s family and friends shower.

Shower 1

The event was held at her parents home.

shower 2

It was fun to both to re-acquaint, and to meet new family and friends.  I look forward to seeing them all again on wedding day.

Shower 3.JPG
Camille, Britney and baby “E”.

Camille’s Mom and sister Britney hosted the shower.  The youngest attendee was Camille’s new niece, who arrived the end of April.


We are in FULL WEDDING MODE right now!  Here’s a sneak peek at my dress! It has an “elevated bohemian vibe”. I will share the story of how I found it in my size at a department store in Iowa when I reveal the dress after the wedding. I am taking it to be altered tomorrow.  The colors of the wedding are blush and blue.

Jay went 0 for 3 at the Emmys, yet is was a fun evening with his colleagues at Fremont Studios.  

He felt so deeply honored to be nominated and see his name among a field of Pacific Northwest Legends.  Legends who are the very journalistic souls who sparked his desire to pursue the career when he was a small boy.


It’s already time to hit the shower and head to the clinic!

It is one glorious morning here. Mt Rainier is outside my window looking like a blushing pink ice cream cone.

On a clear day, I can always count on her perfect greeting!

me and camille (1).jpg

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  1. Lynne,
    Your dress is absolutely stunning, and I cannot wait to see all of it. Sad that Jay did not win an Emmy, but loved the way you phrased it… went 0 for 3… spoken in true sportsman language.


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