It’s time for that seven day . . .

. . . cleanse.

:: Camille Styles 7 Day Cleanse ::

Hello beautifuls!

I know I didn’t tell you that Mr D and I had one wallop of a flu bug hit us last week.

With the wedding just weeks away, I am determined to keep health and glow a priority as I address my list of projects to complete before departing for Boise three weeks from today!

The 7 day cleanse above is from Camille Styles’ blog.  I won’t likely follow it to the “letter”, but bless her for making clean eating easy and approachable by making me a shopping list.  I plan to print it today, and be ready to go on Saturday morning.

I did not nearly lose the weight I wished to have lost, yet adding the exercise I did has made me stronger, popped me down one size . . . and has removed all . . . and I mean ALL of the aches of a 65-year-old woman.  ( I do not feel or act my age.)  In my mind’s eye . . . I am 45.  It’s a very respectable mind’s eye age to linger around until 90. By then, I may kick it up to 50.  (  . . . and this does not mean I cannot act like a grandmother, because . . . I DO!)

I am ready for that “once in a lifetime” dance.  Jay can even take it to a “two-step” if he wishes.

Yesterday, I had the privilege to watch him fitted for his wedding suit at Nordstrom Bellevue Square.

He is so handsome.  I am such a blessed and proud “Mama Bear”.  ( That’s what he calls me.)


Suited ready to wed her!

w / L


    1. Hi Holly! I simply go to Curves. A good series of stretching is the key to managing aches. Curves is a simple 30 minute circuit of weights with jogging in place in between. At my recent physical, my physician said to add a 15 minute walk after dinner and I should be good to go. I have finally “got it into my head” that there is no quick fix. I am happy with how I am feeling . . . and every day is getting better with age! I am honored that you are reading 34. Your comment feeds and inspires me, too! w/L

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