French Bread on Friday . . . “moi et toi” !

Good morning most beautiful  b e a u t i f u l s !


How long has it been since I have served up a little French bread?

moi et toi.jpg
:: coco . kelley ::

This image had me at “moi et toi” . . . then I looked a little closer . . . that china.

La Mer Veille. (The Old Sea.)

Two ♥ ♥ hearts.

Thinking . . .



Let this image transport you.

Ahhh . . .

coco kelley

(Blog brilliant.)

Team coco . kelley found the inspiration for their post here.

The “mots français”  reside on the Italian Riviera.

le mer.jpg
:: ici :: 

. . . and then . . . there is the piano.  Outdoors . . . perhaps out of tune . . . charming all the same.  

“Moi et Toi!”

:: ici ::


Alexa! Play “Sea Of Love” by Robert Plant.

“Mer d’amour!”

“Mots français!” 

“Mer italienne!”

w / L

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