The Real Fantasy Baseball . . . Chicago Style!


Just a cub?

the real fantasy ball




There is “no such thing” as “just a cub”.


Just a game?

jay and ty.jpg
L: Soundview Little League All stars 1995 R: Ty and Jay at Ty and Anna’s rehearsal dinner 2014.


Jay met Ty on the T-ball field at Northeast Tacoma Elementary School 27 years ago.

field of dreams

Also, on that day, we met Ty’s mom and dad. Life long friendships began.

Jay and Ty played ball together through high school, both making varsity in their freshman year. (Yep! They were good.)  They lived and loved the game.  They pursued and achieved (WAZZU) degrees in their “fields” of dreams (GO COUGS!), Ty in sports management, and Jay in broadcast journalism. They each earn a living doing what they love!

cubs 1.JPG

Last weekend was Jay’s bachelor weekend. Ty, now Jay’s best man, planned the event.

cubs 2.JPG

Eleven of Jay’s closest buds flew in and out during the two full days in Chicago (Wrigleyville).

cubs 7.jpg

The “game day” view from their door stoop.

cubs 3

The view from their bleacher seats.

cubs 6.jpg

Followed by a game of their own.

cubs 5.jpg

They packed a ton into two days.

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The weather was perfect for biking, hiking, touring and boat rides.

cubs 8.jpg

They also packed in a lot of Brews, Italian beef sandwiches, Chicago Style pizzas and


. . . some notorious steaks.

The images from the weekend were social media posts.  The guys were kind enough to give us all a little peek into their experience.  Knowing most of them from their college years . . . they know how to party!

With the showers and the bachelor and bachelorette fests complete, we are in full wedding mode right now.

Checking our lists!








. . . and in all reality . . . spending.

(Yes. I keep it real.)

From my favorite bleacher seat here on 34 . . .

. . . Mother of the groom.

His greatest fan.

Life is your field of dreams!

Let’s keep it that way!

w / L

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