Gratitude fuels.

Hello Beautifuls!

Heather’s art inspired me to pop onto the virtual 34 to say hey this morning!


:: Love. Heather. Bloem. Here & Here. ::


Amazing, gracious, talented and hardworking folks have touched my heart this week.

Happiness is alive here on 34.


Play “Trumpet Tune”!

Have a blessed and gifted weekend!

Listing to classical wedding songs as I craft, stage and pack for Boise.

w /  L


  1. Hi sweetheart, I have missed you. I must have loaded your blog site wrong, because it keeps taking me back to the very first one.LOL I found you on another friends side bar. Glad you are doing well…you know how I can tell you are?? you are BUSY ! :):) I will always love the Beatles. 🙂 Blessings to you Lynn, xoxo, Susie

    1. Awww, dearest Judith. The music makes me tear too! My dad walked me down the aisle to Trumpet Tune. I just returned from visiting him. He is 87. 💙

      Classical music makes me feel 20 pounds lighter. 🤗 ( I hope I made you smile.)

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