Planning their “Best Day Ever”. . . with anticipation of the afterglow . . .

H e l l o   B e a u t i f u l s!

the afterglow 3.jpg

Popping in again . . . the wedding endorphins are still in control.

I need to talk . . . write . . .

I cannot sleep.

. . . a happy kind of stress.

Destination . . .

Departure . . . one week.

Boxing . . .

Labeling . . .  Country Inn . . . Rehearsal Dinner . . . Holy Apostle . . . White Willow

Replaced and revamped my window display toolbox . . . ( yes, I once trimmed department store windows . . . way back.)  Cannot wait to help Camille’s mom, Stephanie primp the church pews and reception venue.


As with any time in life, when your mind is filled with endless details, and you are planning something big . . . and you want your part to go “just right” . . .  it doesn’t hurt to think of the calm on “other side”.

Yet, you do not wish to diminish the wonder.

You do not want to wish “the splendid on the horizon” away.

. . . but it’s OK to be calmed by the perceived “afterglow”.

the afterglow.jpg

The light . . .

The radiance after the beautiful shine that is “your loves” best day ever.

the afterglow 2

As I write, I am basking in an afterglow . . . and . . .

. . . I just now realized.

Retirement is the ultimate residence called “Afterglow”!

The good feelings that linger after a pleasurable and successful life – thus – far!

(Wrongly, I have been associating the “r” word with the end.)

I have worked since I was 12 years old.  My first wage was 35 cents an hour, babysitting.   My first expenditure was a 45 that played “I Want To Hold Your Hand”.

. . . and a pretty package of nylon stockings!

Come to think of it . . . As we age, and have enjoyed so many beautiful and pleasurable life experiences, any given day can be radiant with a feeling of an afterglow.

You just have to go glow there!


Spin “In My Life” by The Beatles.

( I tried to convince my eight grade English teacher, Miss Clark, this song was poetry. It didn’t fly.)

Alexa knows what “spin” means.

In my life_1

(I remember the words!)

Thank you, God!

Thank you, for listening.


:: Images with the exception of “in the works” may be found here.


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